Building Brand Trust Factor

Trust is like a paper, once crumpled it can’t be perfect again, this is so aptly said. This really works well when it comes to the relationship between a brand and their consumers. Trust is gradually built over a period of time. The process may seem long but its fruits are plenty and it turns out to be the most important factor to look after.

Even after the consumers say they trust a brand, it need not be complete and blind trust. The modern day customer looks at any given service from all the angles and comprehends the significance of all the components. And when the trust card plays well, nothing else can stop the brand from plummeting heights. In the current scenario of e commerce industry, no mistake goes unseen and the providers pay a heavy price for the same. Word of mouth travels in all directions and can be a giant killer for any e-commerce website and can spread like wild fire on the social media. Faida a website based on barter system, which totally believes in image building. Be it via social media or through their work. Trust once broken, even if be a minor one can never be replaced.

Big brands may have built a trust factor over the years, to take this forward, maintaining and building it is no easy task. A constant endeavor to keep up to the image is what they strive for at every stage. In the current scenario, where the corporate world is a global village, Social Media plays a big role in building and maintaining trust. Start ups on the other hand may find this to be a daunting task but this can be achieved. Start-ups can build up a rapport by communicating brand value and building brand trust by engaging with customers in a concrete manner.

There are 3 Essential points to build trust:

Key To Success: Let Us Communicate

Communicating efficiently and effectively is extremely vital to build trust. Constant communication is easily possible with the help of social media. Valuable costumers will not be lost, if information is communicated on time. Delayed response could mean you do not value your customer and that could mean you have missed on building trust. Not a single brand which is available 24×7, lose their customers due to trust issues. Being available makes them feel privileged.

Being A Responsible Brand

Corporate Social Responsibility, often known as CSR contributes a lot to the brand’s trust growth. Helping the employees, customers in whatever little manner can help companies reap huge benefits.The consumers will then know that you care more for them and not just a money making organization.

Consumer Behavior

When a consumer gives in a feedback about product, services or even the company’s policies, it is the duty of the company to ensure measure to make the walk smooth. When it comes to e- commerce, the entire transaction is based on trust. As said before, a consumer might go on and do anything to get his right and in that way, defame the company.

Trust factor here becomes the core issue for any brand or service to keep in mind when they cater to the needs of its consumers. So image building and maintaining brand value is something every brand has to conscientiously work for.

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