Designing business cards is probably the most cost-effective method to market your business. By printing these types of cards, you can get your name out there without having to invest thousands of dollars.

From large multinational firms to small business owners, everyone can benefit by creating professional business cards. Here, we will take a look at 10 great business card ideas that are trending this year.

Portrait Format

A lot of businesses are going for the portrait format business card. The card design gives a clean and elegant look. You can print bold, bright text that looks visually appealing in portrait mode.

If you want to create a lasting impression on your customers, you should consider this elegant business card designing trend.

Printing on Both Sides

A lot of businesses are printing on both sides of the card. While this may cost a bit more, it does create a more professional look.

You can use the other side of the card to show who you are. One area can be used to showcase your brand with an appealing logo, while the other area can contain important information.

Square Cuts

Businesses are also going for special cuts like a square to create a unique impression. The cards look interesting and alluring due to their different cut.

Remember that not all wallet and cardholders support square shape. This point should be considered when printing business cards in this shape.

The Use of Creative Art

Many businesses are going for creative designs. These cards have an extra decorative flair with lots of different styles. The best cards represent a harmonious composition of colour and shapes, and they look exclusive and stylish at the same time. Cards with a creative design are best suited for marketing agencies.

Plastic Cards

Plastic cards are trending in 2019, and they create a luxury and elegant impression.
The main benefit of plastic cards is durability. In addition, the cards show your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and leave a lasting impression on the customers.

Branding Tool

Business cards these days are used more as a marketing tool and less as a medium for conveying contact information.
While all business cards come with a contact address, the major highlights are the brand logos and colours. The cards are a reflection of the business.


Business cards with photos are also trending this year. Many businesses are adding photos of their products and services. The cards look visually stunning with contrasting colours.

A good design idea is to place photos on top of the portrait layout. This design creates a modern look that will certainly impress customers.

Rounded Corners

Business cards with rounded corners are also making a comeback. The design trend that was popular in 2017 has again caught the attention of corporate firms.

The round corners look more appealing as compared to a card with a pointed edge. The cards can make your business stand out without distracting customers from the main message. The rounded corners can lead to effective branding as they appear modern and not unlike a mini smartphone.

Background Textures

Business cards with background textures are trendy in 2019. The business card printing design can project a powerful brand image.
The background textures can improve the appeal and feel of the card. This will also leave a lasting impression on your customers showing that you are willing to go the extra mile to satisfy them.

Folded Business Cards

Folded business cards are another great design trend that is trending this year. The cards can increase the real estate allowing you to add more information. You can incorporate die cuts and rounded corners to make the card appear visually appealing.

Die-cut design can add a bit of creative touch to the card. The prospective customers will be more likely to follow up with this appealing card design.

The above are the most trendy business card design. You will notice that all of them have a common theme in that they strive to appear unique and appealing. You can project a positive impression on your customers by following the design trends in this post.

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