Campus Induction, a joint venture, founded in August 2013, with the mission to originate the unnourished ability and skills from the ground level individual to an expert. By seeking basic service it develops and enhances the capability of individuals. Providing a platform to furnish, enhance and heighten your intellectual, analytical and professional competency.

The idea behind this purpose is set between the minds of 4 young entrepreneurs Raman Singh, Rohit Kumar Sharma, Shubhaw Kumar and Vishal Kejriwal, pursuing their B.Tech degrees from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Each of whom has co-ordinated and organized many events and workshops with experts.

Raman Singh (co-founder, Campus Induction)
Raman Singh (co-founder, Campus Induction)

Abducing from its name, the foundation of Campus Induction lies upon the concept of inducing a change in the personality of the college students who will be facing the corporate world as entrepreneurs or company officials in a span of a few years. Enchanting with them to build them with the mass of Confidence, shape them as a professional and indulge them with the quality to help them growing their entrepreneurship skills and instilling more confidence into the students. Campus Induction functions as an event planner and/or as an educational consultant.

Work Description:

Under the oversight from 4 youngsters, Campus Induction now helps student, individual, colleague, mentor or else to grow themselves in terms of their skills, their interests and provide an easy platform for all. Overwhelming individuals by organizing various events, Online Tests, Quizzes, workshops, Certifications, Group Discussions, Internships and Industrial training Programs to build oneself into a dynamic professional.

 Recent Activities and events :
  • Conduct Workshop on PHP and MySQL on 9th March 2014.
  • Entrepreneurship Awareness Camp- was conducted from 20th- 22nd January 2014. Sponsored by the National Science & Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB).
  • Online Linux Workshop & Certification 1.0 – was conducted on 28th October 2013.
  • GD Contest – was organized on 21st September 2013.
Future Affairs and events:

Their future events include the launch of the Campus Induction Inspire series wherein they would be sorting out and presenting a list of inspiring speeches by the officials of reputed companies (like Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, etc.), Workshops for the civil and mechanical students, an Ethical Hacking Workshop and most importantly a Mock Placement Drive. This drive would be conducted by the Campus Induction team in several institutes and the normal procedures of an interview would be scheduled accordingly.

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