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The short answer is no, but this is a question worth looking into with a little more depth. By the end of this article, it might surprise you just how much your business depends on IT. You probably don’t think of the Impact IT and technology has had on your business. But if you’ve started it up recently, it’s still going to be a huge part of it.

Firstly, there’s the online factor to consider. Even if part of your company is running offline we’d bet at least a fraction runs online. Either by providing new information to your customers or giving them an entirely different way to make purchases. It’s no longer the case where you have stores on the highstreet and stores online. More than ever, they are becoming one in the same. This is particularly true for smaller businesses who rely on the online model. Smaller companies can only enter the market if they find a way to cut costs straight away. The answer is the online model.

If you’re running your business partially online, you will have to think about marketing as well. Marketing has become incredibly complex lately, particularly with the online model of business. It’s not just about SEO anymore. The website has to be set up correctly, and the social profiles need to be integrated into this process. That’s why many businesses find they are hiring marketing experts rather than trying to complete the job themselves. But marketing is probably the tip of the iceberg when it comes to running your business. Particularly, in relation to IT.

As we said, you might be selling products online. That’s not just about selling the production through promotion. It’s making sure the process of the sale is quick and painless. For the customer and you. This requires more managed IT services, usually including the incorporation of an e commerce sales platform.

But let’s say for a moment that you could survive without E-sales or online marketing. You couldn’t but for now we’ll follow that hypothetical. What other part is IT likely playing in your business?

We imagine you’re using IT support to stay connected with both customers and clients. Even if your business functions primarily offline, you’ll still need to keep in contact with different areas of your business. The bigger the company, the truer this is. This includes using cloud tech to transfer important data and information across networks. It might also include the use of video calling to make business meetings streamlined and simpler. All this plays a vital part in keeping your business running smoothly.

Even if you managed to get around that, as a business you’ll be working with other companies. There will be supplies and B2B transactions. More often than not, these occur online rather than in actual meetings.

If you look at these facts it becomes clear businesses today simply would not survive without the correct IT support. If your IT system crashes your business may very well be dead in the water. But at least now you’ll know why.

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