Let’s take a small look at the technological advances over a decade. Every now and then a new Smartphone company is finding its roots in the Indian consumer market. Now with this growing manufacturing framework where does the service liability stand? CartDial is making sure that it provides a firm backbone to the Smartphone repair industry.

PM Modi’s Digital India plan has foreseen a handy remark from the various walks of society. As foundation stone for a Digital India has been led. A huge demand in the manufacturing sector makes perfect sense.

Why Repair?

Once these manufactured devices reach the market. There are hardly any further assistance let alone those small numbers of authorised repair service centers. Buying a device is an inevitable need. So does the need for its repair increases too. In this tech savvy culture, people hardly have time for getting their phone repaired as per their desire. Taking follow up with the service centers just don’t go so well with the daily routine.

CartDial- The Smartphone Service squad

CartDial is a well optimised online platform for gadget-buying, selling and repair. A well-equipped team of professionals can repair any device. In this multidimensional service based industry it’s very important that one knows all the nook and the corners of repair possibilities which Founders at CartDial understand to its depth. Due to this extensive exposure to the repair co-ordinates, thinkers at CartDial took the repair industry to its new horizon. Right from the swift yet careful pickup of device till its safe delivery, CartDial provides its customer with a wondering service experience. Basically, these services are very efficient and pocket-friendly for the users.

Smartphone Repair services in India

Approx 2 billion Smartphone users make India the third largest Smartphone market in the world. The service need of these Smartphones has gone sore as well. A keen look at the aesthetics aspect of these smartphones is desired too. A better aesthetic certainly doesn’t necessarily ensure its durability all the time.

Smartphones have percolated deep into daily sentiment which makes sure that if the conditions are good they will choose to stick with the same phone rather than an another endeavour. CartDial has comprehensively shown some metal in this repair market.

Why To Use CartDial

With its Keynotes like free pickups, a free delivery, Subject matter expert for every specific problem. CartDial is providing a transparent pricing module which helps the user sustain their repair budget without burning a hole in the pocket. Its unique service price(USP) makes it the least and the best in the market.

Customer management system is that one distinguished line that CartDial has tried to hit. They came up with an automated concept of customer management system which keeps their customers updated along the service line. Each and every status update of the device, keeps a customer “a happy customer”. All this service related matter is always backed by a reliable warranty policy. That ensures that the repair has got a backup which could be claimed anytime under its warranty period.

A Standby Phone is always a treat

Think of this if I tell you that CartDial does think a lot about their customers, by providing them with a standby phone CartDial makes sure that their customers’ calls don’t go unattended. You could keep using the standby phone until the time you get your phone back.

Where did the Idea come from

Manu Shekhar
Manu Shekhar

Manu Shekhar – Founder at CartDial strongly felt that if we could get everything delivered to our doorstep then why not a serviced phone too? He was sure that repair market now finally needs a revamp when the manufacturing is seeking new highs, so will the repair market too. He thought a well customised online platform will be required which he is determined to bring now. So that he could more actively get deep into repair ideology so as to provide it at best.

Where it all started?

In 2016 it started with scratch as Manu Shekhar and his couple of friends who were the subject matter experts with 1 delivery executive jumped into repair Industry. The primary goal to provide the mass with an online service at most pleasant way drove the team into its current competitors’ circle. Since then now It’s March 2017 and the team has swollen up to 20+ dedicated employees working together to achieve the common goal.

With every, another customer CartDial is fastening its bond of a trustworthy service provider in this growing online smartphone repair platform. A huge leap in manufacturing and demand has made repair market a field worth exploration. By creating an end to end solution for every smartphone related issues at most affordable pricing benchmark, CartDial wants to prove its worth as a most successful startup in the repair industry.

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