Class Fever

Imagine standing in line for your child’s admission to a school in the dead-heat of Delhi’s summer, standing amidst a sweaty crowd and imagine the horrors of doing it all over again 4 times during the next week. Now imagine if you could do it all at once, online, in your air-conditioned home/office. Bringing this comfort amongst others is Mumbai based Education Startup ClassFever.

Apart from solving your admission woes, ClassFever also helps Teachers Find and apply for Jobs online while at the same time curates a selection of the best events, competitions and other awesome co-curricular things for young bright minds to fully explore their potentials.

The start-up was born when Akshay Agrawal’s parents had to look for a new school for him in the 11th grade. Little did they know that they had taken up a herculean task because they were soon running all over Navi Mumbai/Mumbai, burning fuel, wasting time and standing in lines? How they wished there was an app for it! And boom, ClassFever as an online website was born.

ClassFever today lists more than 3000 schools all across Maharashtra and prides itself in the most relevant, comprehensive & accurate data for parents.

“Based on a variety of factors, we assign events and competitions official ranks which they can use in their corporate communications. We cover MUNs, Debates, Corporate Competitions, Olympiads, Competitive Exams, Social Service Opportunities and basically anything and everything co-curricular for teenagers. Events which wish to register with us can write to us.” says Akshay.

The crown jewel in ClassFever’s offering is their Online Admission Service and Akshay proudly states that “We are fully equipped to handle all of Maharashtra’s Online Admission needs for the coming academic session 2016.”

“We provide you with all details like Fee details, Students teacher ratio, the events the school hosts and finally Online Admission applications. It’s basically like a School’s Janampatri.” says Akshay jokingly.

Extending the idea, Akshay decided to start ranking schools using highly cross-integrative data utilization with deep learning principles. They are piloting this concept with Events and will soon extend it to Schools and Play-school. ClassFever events helps students find the best co-curricular opportunities and events to help them beef up their co-curricular profile. Apart from listing all events from TEDx to local debates, ClassFever will allow students to directly register for all such events.

Akshay, is 17 years old and is currently in 12th grade. His being in school allows him to use insights which he has gained as part of being in the environment which he intends to cater to. His father is bank rolling the entire venture and his mother is present as ever-present help and support. Akshay is also supported by other technical team members.

“My Parents have been very supportive of me this entire time“, says Akshay.

Although ClassFever was built as a mobile responsive website, it will soon be launching a mobile app and is actively looking to fund-raise for technology enhancement and accelerate their growth.

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