So what is best for Indian Education scenario?

Lots of exams are getting online; teaching students for competitive exams has become tougher especially to serve those who lack technology. Need of the hour is to provide an online education platform but is that all?

Though Lots of entrepreneurs coming up to serve the education society & innovative ideas coming up with the advent of fast-paced changes in technology. Things are still in process to reach at certain satisfaction level.

We have met many professionals and most of them appreciated our work but they told that even providing best possible content at affordable price, there is need to counsel students. Our mentor, Professor Kumanduri Ranga Chari from BIMTECH College also advises “Coaching is also required and not just self-study”. Hence, we keep working on counseling part in our portal. We are also in process to provide better coaching platform and since we are bootstrap things are taking time than required but we are very much focus to bring change in Indian education scenario especially for aspirants who cannot afford for best possible education

So what actually Entrepreneurs who are into Online Education should look at?

Let’s take a cue from Jim Rohn, who opines “Formal education will make you a livingself-education will make you a fortune.” Well, the importance of self-study was never put in a better amalgamation of words than these said by Lloyd Alexander, “We learn more by looking for the answer to a question and not finding it than we do from learning the answer itself.”  Or for that matter, the firm belief held by Isaac Asimov, “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”

In the current scenario wherein we see large crowds of students thronging to coaching institutes, hopping from one to the other, stuffing their bags and notebooks with every possible sample paper, fearing that they might miss out on something, and giving tests all the year round. And for going through this ordeal, they actually pay, without the assurance of individual attention. No doubts about it then, that people who are managing to ace their exams with self-study set a splendid example for the others.

However, if we see things from a neutral perspective, we observe first off that for every 5 students who score exceptional marks in a coaching institute, there are a hundred others who don’t.  Coaching or tuitions are not the magical panacea to all the problems of the students. They cannot even assure you individual attention and/or customized studies. At the same time, we do realize that in the atmosphere for multiple distractions. It is not possible to rely on self-study, after all, they are just fragile kids who can get driven by the desire to go out and play while they should be studying.

All in all, what we need is a Middle Path: something that encompasses the goods of both these, and eliminates their evil.

Today is your lucky day, and henceforth all your days will be lucky, you are at the right place. We,, an unheard-of initiative, bridge the gap between convenience and worth for your money. It brings into play an approach which suits the best, by providing detailed answers, multi-strata tests, etc. the cherry on the cake is the personal mentoring we give over phone or e-mails.

Isn’t that precisely what a student might want?

With the support of The Startup Journal, we share this information that we would provide free access to our content over career choice & all students via The Startup Journal would get free counseling session at our office which happens once in 3 months.

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