Coffee Shop Freelancers

It might be a coincidence or a sign of a symbiotic relationship that the popularity of coffee shops seem to be growing alongside the increasing number of global freelancers.

You’ll find plenty of freelancers in every coffee shop intertwined with their laptops and a cup of coffee doing their work. But even as more and more freelancers flock to these communal work spaces, communication seems to have grinded to a halt. It’s weird how a group of people with shared interests can work alongside each other for hours, days or weeks and still not share much more than a glance in their general direction.

As a freelancer himself, Christophe Gonzalez was bothered with this problem and came up with the idea of laptop marketing decals to solve this issue.

“As a dedicated freelancer, I stumbled upon this issue daily in real life and decided to tackle it head on. I first made these decals for myself and had a great response so I decided to share them with the world. In today’s co-working environment everyone could benefit from some real life inbound marketing” says Christophe.

The start-up makes high quality decals which can be pasted on laptops and are designed with the utmost care to make sure they look exclusive and inviting to their surroundings. The decals stand out of the crowd and any potential customer around you can see where your talents lie. Designs are added on a constant basis and the goal is to eventually include every possible freelance activity on the market, no matter how rare or obscure it is.

“A lot of marketing in today’s world has gone completely online, especially for many digital natives in the freelance space. Possible clients or prospects could be sitting a few feet away from you in the very coffee shop you’re working from, but instead you’re searching for projects on Elance, Guru and the like”, Christophe adds.

The start-up claims that the decals are made of high quality prints and last at least 2 years on a laptop used by the average co-worker. They can be easily removed by heating them up a bit and removing them the same way as you would other stickers.

The costs of the decals are comparatively reasonable compared to the quality offered. The stickers are retailed around $30 (INR 1800) around the world.

We have not seen any product of this kind in today’s market.  Laptop decals are nothing new of course, but we haven’t seen any form of high quality, well-designed, non-gimmicky marketing decals.

Coffee Shop Freelancers is launching on Tuesday 17/02 at 10.00 AM EST and will offer a massive 20% launch discount available until Friday 20/02 10.00 AM EST. If you’re interested in this product, make sure to be there when it launches as you’ll get an amazing deal.

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