Over the last two decades, rising Internet and mobile phone penetration has changed the way we communicate and do business. It is, at present, heavily leaning on the Internet and mobile phone revolution to fundamentally alter the way businesses reach their customers.

The changing consumer lifestyles, supported by the younger population base of India, have given a boost to the e-commerce business. Younger consumers make for a majority of e-commerce drivers in India, a country set to become world’s No 1 in terms of population.

More than half of the total population of India falls under the ‘below 25 years of age’ bracket. 65% of India’s population, representing the working age group of 15 to 64 years, aids the further growth of e-commerce, driven by their rising disposable income

Discretionary spending in India is expected to jump to 70% by 2025. The growing inclination towards purchasing online is reflected in a trend for higher value online transactions. Shoppers are ready to shop for values exceeding USD500.0, which earlier hovered in the range of USD40.0–100.0

All the major players from global E-commerce industry have entered the Indian market, as the scope of growth is very high. At present, we have multiple e-commerce portals to choose from which makes it difficult for shoppers to decide which site is giving them better deals. Every shopper loves coupons and wants to choose the site, which provides them, best price and additional saving.

In India, we still do not have sites with which shoppers can compare the prices over various sites as well as find coupons or deals at the same time. Therefore, Shoppers land up spending a lot of time and effort hovering over different sites.

Kanchan Sukhija, the founder and CEO of Compare Munafa, wanted a solution to this problem and hence conceived

CompareMunafa Founders
CompareMunafa Co-Founders
The Birth of Compare Munafa

Compare Munafa was literally born in June 2015, but the idea hit Ms. Kanchan in the year 2014 when she figured the unorganized market of comparison and coupon sites in India. She wanted a market place, which not only compares the prices and provides coupons but also gives additional benefits and features to all its customers as an added on advantage.

Compare Munafa is backed by GPA Group, which is headed by Mr. Vivek Agarwal. GPA Group has left its footprint in various industries and ventured into IT industry with

The concept of Compare Munafa is to be an online mall with a large selection of high quality virtual stores offering the best value for money.

Ms. Kanchan adds; Compare Munafa is one of kind and the first ones to give its customers Price Discovery and Comparison across all online stores, Setting Price drop alert along with Price History graph to analyze the price trends across stores, Deals and Coupons and Munafa Points all with just one click. So now save Time, Effort and Money with Compare Munafa because at Compare Munafa it’s all about BACHAT BHI, MUNAFA BHI.

Compare Munafa – At a Glance

Compare Munafa is an e-shopping portal with a difference. It brings together leading online stores and help buyers select the best deals by Comparing Prices and shop online, while offering added on advantage of Munafa Points which can be redeemed with various options available in the redemption zone.

Mr. Harsh Maur, the CTO of Compare Munafa adds; the site has been developed in such a way that it is easy to navigate through and user-friendly. We all at Compare Munafa Live by 3 Mantras to help our customers

  • Save Time of shoppers and make their shopping experience enjoyable and quick
  • Save Effort by providing all the details under one roof and helping shoppers make a more precise and quick decision
  • Save Money of shoppers by not only giving deals and coupons but also Munafa points, which can be redeemed across various options in the redemption zone
Compare Munafa – Your Next Shopping Destination

“Make your shopping cart heavier without making your wallet too light. “

At Compare Munafa, customer’s satisfaction and convenience is the first priority. Every customer who visits the site will enjoy his/her shopping experience with Compare Munafa’s Plusses.

A quick glance at the advantages of shopping with Compare Munafa:

  • Price Discovery and Comparison across all online stores. Discover the prices and compare them at the same time across all stores to analyze the lowest price.
  • Price Graph helps in analyzing the prices of products over a period of time and trend of the product, which in turn benefits in making faster decision.
  • Set Price Drop Alert you wish to shop your desired product for and get notified when that product reaches your desired price.
  • Deals and Coupons across all online stores to provide the shoppers with maximum benefit and least expenses
  • Munafa Points is the added on advantage of shopping with Compare Munafa. The customers get all the above plusses and they also receive Munafa points (royalty points) with can be redeemed with various options available in the redemption zone.

Now log on to Comparemunafa and Enjoy with Bachat bhi, Munafa bhi.

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