In a world, where brands and companies need to satisfy their customers, content has turned out to be the atomic unit of digital marketing. To power better upshots for marketers, Anton Rublevskyy in 2015, founded ContentMart— India’s first content marketplace to help businesses with their content requirements.


Brands and marketers need great content to make them stand out from their competitors on the Internet. And freelance writers need clients that can pay them well for fulfilling, quality work. ContentMart is a platform, which is designed efficiently to empower and connect quality Indian content writers with brands and clients from across the world. It is the first-ever online marketplace that is solely focused on content writing services, and a platform where clients meet relevant writers in order to ask and get original contents. Companies, agencies, publishers, digital marketing experts or bloggers can get their content written by qualified writers which are ready to be published on their projects.

Within 10 months from its launch, more than 36,512 writers have registered on the platform with approximately 6,947 orders completed, and the client list touching the figure of 33,871. Getting on-demand original content, brands can create a breath of creative at unprecedented cost, scale and speed.

Often the freelancers, especially in India, are underrated. For all the freelance writers frustrated with inert rates and the lack of transparency in the outsourcing industry, Contentmart is an exciting opportunity to level the playing field.

Story Behind ContentMart

Anton was just 16 when he urged to become an entrepreneur. At that time, the Ukrainian market was not completely ready to accept and unfurl the proposed business potential. Since then, he started exploring the markets and think of significant options. He then launched two companies, and later sold it. For his business, he tried and tested numerous similar content platforms in Ukraine to outsource the content requirement, and that’s where he realized that the online content marketplace is a great way of getting the content easily, efficiently and speedily. He also knew that to make a significant online presence of any business, content matters— and that’s what motivated him to establish a revolutionary content marketplace platform “ContentMart”.

During his research, he found that India’s content market isn’t well-organized, which makes getting original, high-quality content difficult, and that’s why he launched this marketplace in India for skilled writers and content seekers to get connected with each other in a safe and secure way.

Hire Skilled, Hand-vetted Indian Freelance Copywriters

No matter what your industry niche, needs, or budget is, ContentMart makes it easier to find experienced Indian freelance writers to meet your content needs. ContentMart’s cleaner and the sophisticated interface allow users to exper0ience a smooth feel, while navigating through the portal.

How ContentMart Works?

ContentMart is the India’s first-ever content marketplace, featuring thousands of high-quality Indian writers across a wide range of industries. They have kept the process as simple as possible. For writers, they need to register on the platform, and give the mandatory English test and can also give 15 additional language tests on request. For becoming ContentMart Verified Writer and earn its badge, the writer has to give a test and write an essay on a random topic which is checked by professional linguists. For clients, there are 2 options as of now, one is an Open Order where clients will post the order, writers will bid and the client will pick the writer of his/her choice. The second option is Hassle Free where the ContentMart team helps the client by creating order, choosing the best writer, reviewing the content and at last delivering the final content to the client.

Why Good Quality Content Matters

Nowadays, search engines are outclassing at digging out poor quality content. Google’s algorithm updates like Google Penguin, Pigeon updates, are designed for delivering users a better search and browsing experience. In case your content isn’t up to snuff, you may eventually drift off of Google’s radar completely.

At times, it’s difficult to curate and write the content of your own. You may not be an expert writer, you don’t know how to use keywords correctly, or may not have sufficient be true, creating quality content is hard. Creating consistent content for different projects, the niche is harder. Creating content to inform, engage and inspire existing and future customers are hardest.

Fortunately, ContentMart is here to help you find the writers having expertise in a specific industry or niche, and get your content written professionally.

ContentMart- Taking your Content Strategy to the Next Big Level

From web content, article and blog writing, press release to the product description, testimonial brochure content, and editing & proofreading, ContentMart can help you gratify all your content requirements. High-quality content will help clients to leverage their marketing investment while boosting their web visibility, competitiveness, productivity, user engagement with their brand and eventually, their revenue.

Soon, ContentMart will allow clients to order content in Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati and Marathi. Also, there will be the option of ordering infographics and translation services.

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