As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to make the headlines, a host of myths has surrounded the topic. Here are some of the myths that stand nowhere on the scale of scientific relevance.

Holding your breath

If you can hold your breath for more than 10 seconds without discomfort,
one widely shared claim asserts, there is no fibrosis or scarring in the lungs and basically no infection. No, holding your breath is not a test
for fibrosis and fibrosis is not a symptom of COVID-19. The main symptoms of the Coronavirus is high fever and a persistent dry cough.

Homemade hand sanitizer recipes

The way Internet solutions for homemade sanitizer, anything based on
disinfectants for cleaning surfaces probably won’t be suitable for use on
the skin. As for suggestions that vodka could work, unfortunately, it doesn’t contain enough alcohol to be effective.

he virus can survive on surfaces for up to a month

This is highly unlikely. Take research and other strains of Coronavirus like SARS or MERS, it shows that viruses can remain infectious on hard surfaces like metal, glass or plastic from about two hours up to a maximum of nine days. But the government says the risk of contamination is likely to be reduced significantly after 72 hours.

Cow urine

Some Hindu groups believe cow urine has medicinal properties and can ward off coronavirus and other diseases. No, cow urine doesn’t cure or stops Coronavirus from spreading. You’re better off simply washing your hands.

Drinking water every 15 minutes

Some believe drinking water every 15 minutes will flush the virus into your stomach where acid will kill it. This myth doesn’t really pan out because it’s more of a digestive answer for a respiratory problem.

Don’t forget to keep washing your hands and maintain social distancing. But beware of the viral claims that keep appearing online.

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