Hi! I’m Miss corporate! I have a story to share, which is really close to my heart. My childhood days were functional. I was learning things in business, for sales used pamphlets, hoardings and recruitment again very simple.  In teens got matured, started getting deeper understanding. I applied various stunts for my business like spending heaps in logo designing, taglines, TV ads etc.

Well I’ve grown up to a decent level now, but things now have saturated and my family says we need more customers for more profits! Oops I forgot to introduce you to my family.  My family is stakeholders, HR, finance, Facebook, investors and social media!

I was in a mess! All down and sad I went to watch a Film which made me laugh and cry. It touched me! And Eureka!  I just realized that I’m missing the baar baar dekho, hazaar baar dekho touch with my customers. You know, I’m not communicating with them.

I pondered on what branding doesn’t mean – Branding is not merely putting logos everywhere, its more than that, it’s not just hoardings nor is tagline or slogan branding! Taglines, logos are important but they rarely increase sales or brand loyalty! Here I got the million dollars secret of business strategy, i.e. the corporate films!

Corporate film doesn’t mean huge bucks spend!  This is one branding activity where you have to keep it simple.


There are 2.4 billions internet users and numbers are growing every second.

2/3rd of them surf search engine before buying a product, and the priority is given to corporate video website. There are 1 billion– 4 billion viewers in YouTube and every second person in world watches 1 video at least once a day. If your website has a corporate film, it will be embedded more link and better ranking.

When a viewer is watching a film on your website, automatically the time spent by them increases with you. The film drives buyers.  Every viewer is a lead. Do you see the potential?

The films are the fastest growing and the 2nd most preferred branding across corporate. Films are for everyone, they benefit 30 – 40 % higher than other medium.

A sales manager can meet maximum 5 customers per day but the corporate film are the sales agents which communicates with customers  365 days , all over the world , 24*7 more in less time .

Google introduced the Universal search in 2007. Here results are not just web pages, but consists of images and videos! So if you type your business keywords, you have a film or video .Your company will be on Google page 1 .Try it!

There are 1.6 billions reasons Google loves films. One of them is Google bought YouTube in 2006 for 1.6 billion dollars. Google loves video and will always close together.

Films are for everyone. Whether you want to use it for selling cars, or it’s the launching time, or to target the upcoming recruitments you can sell them all. You decide the story and the time. You decide whether you want the customers to feel emotional or happy or shocked.

Let me share an example. Dove wanted to expand its consumer base to include younger and more vibrant women, and they wanted to do it with the new product: Dove Go Fresh. So the strategy was to use showeroke which was the remixer microsite and allowed users to customize their shower experience, selecting different fixtures, floor designs, shelves and window scenes. The Showeroke, online singing contest, culminated in a live talent show.

The outcome was huge!

  • Showeroke video and blog entries were picked up in several blogs generating a readership of 18,000 in 1 day
  • Dove Bar annual penetration went up from 13.7% to 18.4%
  • Dove Body wash loyalty went up from 24% to 27.6%

This is what a corporate film does! Every MNC from Amazon, Apple, Honda etc. using it. Apple and Amazon even used corporate films for recruitment. It’s the most used effective way to increase brand value, because Seeing is Believing. All the corporate out there move out of cliché branding have a film directed now and get your businesses rolling at the top.

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