Do you not like to make some extra bucks? How about saving some from your expenditure! Saving money is like earning money. Whatever you manage to save from your spending, goes right back into your pocket! Therefore, when you are purchasing any product it is important to make comparisons and avail any discounts that are accessible to you. This is the gap where CouponRaja and CompareRaja fit in!

In today’s world, every market is competitive and hence there are many options available for any kind of product that you want to buy. Now this brings up the necessity to make comparisons before one can decide what falls under their budget and what can be their best bet given the budget constraint. CompareRaja enables the customers to find out what best products can they buy without affecting their wallet. Also, other than helping in being economical it assists in solving the confusion that the customers are bound to face given the number of brands that are currently available in the market.

Compareraja and Couponraja

Now that the product is decided, where do you plan to look for the best deal? CouponRaja is here at your service! It is an innovative startup in the online couponing market and lets customers avail various coupons offered on its site, valid for different online markets. This enables the customers to find the best deals available on all products across various online platforms. The site has lately also been offering cashbacks to their customers. CompareRaja and CouponRaja together facilitate the buying process that the customers undertake and enable them to make the best buy. Therefore, together these sites make shopping a comfortable experience!

E-commerce market is now a well-grown market in India. People opt for online platforms because of the low rates of products that they offer. However, the human want for more still makes the customers look for better deals. These twin startups are assisting customers in this very endeavor. They are quite popular as can be seen from their social media following. They also have a great reputation with the investors as they have just made a raise of $500k in angel funding. Although these startups have the backing of their parent company Logicserve Group, raising money shows their true potential.

So, next time you are looking for buying a product belonging to any product category, be it electronics, apparels, books or any other, you know where to go. CompareRaja will assist you to compare the various products specifications and brands and CouponRaja will help you to look for the best deals or discounts available on selected products. These sites do face strong rivalry from other competitors in the market but they have still managed to create an identity of their own and excel in the views of customers as well as market critics and investors. With exponentially increasing number of customers opting for online options, these sister websites hope to progress further and make a mark of their own in the Indian markets.

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