Couponsji, a leading online coupon business based in Kolkata is expanding its operations PAN India. Their company website is showing more inclination towards region specific local brands of late. Currently, a majority of their offers and services are focused on five Indian cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. They are likely to extend their focus on other notable business hubs like Hyderabad and Ahmadabad very soon.

For Couponsji, the news of business expansion coincides with that of its highest net returns at a time when much of its progress is being monitored by competitors.

Capitalizing On Opportunities

CouponsJi has rightly claimed its place among all major discount and deals providers within a short span of time and has begun capitalizing on all latest ventures since Q3 of 2017. According to Avik Sarkar, CEO, Couponsji, “The manner in which these coupon sites are operating seems identical in many respects. Their challenge lies in keeping up with the changing needs of their target audience. That’s why it has become so important for us to catch up with the latest trends and extend deals within their budget. Few of the more generalized market trends are posing great challenge towards identifying products that fit in with our categories.”

Catching Up With the Trends

Like other eminent coupon providers, Couponsji is also paying more attention to the commercial trends as it’s not possible for them to move vertically. Couponsji is setting the right foot forward by adding more brand partners to its current network of 190 market leaders like Adidas, KFC, Ixigo, Amazon, Papa John’s, eBay, IHO, Burger King, Columbia, and Ola. A revamp of their website has indeed helped them achieve over 3 million unique visits each month, besides extending lucrative deals through major Indian cities.

Expanding Merchant Network

Couponing businesses have gained more earning opportunities due to a quick and stable penetration of broadband connectivity. Couponsji India  has acquired some 700 merchants in its partner network very quickly as most of the merchant outlets are offering quality discounts to their prospective buyers. Most of these brands are thriving on a growing popularity of e-commerce platforms till date. Avik is truly enthusiastic about this overwhelming response from online shoppers ever since the inception of Couponsji in 2015.

Utilizing Media Coverage

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn have helped Couponsji in expanding its customer proximity at large. Their services have been uniformly spread across most of these platforms. They have even maintained a steady growth at 20 percent since the last quarter of 2016. Many new and upcoming brands will soon show up in their categories much to the delight of online shoppers.

With a large number of trendy options and styles, Couponsji is gradually proving to be a user-friendly and reliable shopping platform. A clear mindset and predefined goals have given an edge to Couponsji over many of their forerunners!


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