CricFi - Lets You Manage Cricket Activities Online

The Internet has fundamentally altered nearly every aspect of our daily lives; from the way we access and consume information to how we buy products and run businesses. But there’s a huge exception to the way we play sports.

India is arguably the biggest sports market in the world with a 1.2 billion population and a sports culture founded on its love of ‘Cricket’. Cricket is regularly played by at least 62% of the Indian population, and followed by 85% across different age groups and genders.

CricFi is a comprehensive platform which provides members with solutions, including applications and tools to explore, manage and organize their cricket career. As a website and Internet-based service, it aims to provide a transparent platform that can foster and accelerate the growth of sporting culture in India. It strives to provide features and tools that would help its members in all possible ways to nurture their talent and knowledge.

The company offers its members with services like managing and sharing their professional sports identities online, building and engaging with their professional sports network, accessing shared knowledge and insights, and finding/creating sporting opportunities. At its heart, CricFi connects talents with opportunities on a massive scale.

This is an unprecedented opportunity made possible by the convergence of two trends. First, the existence of a scalable infrastructure that allows millions of people to connect in mere milliseconds; and second, the behavioral changes taking place as a result of this infrastructure—the way people represent their identities online, connect with friends, family and colleagues, and share ideas, information, knowledge, and opinions. It is fundamentally changing the world—the way we live, the way we work, and, in the case of CricFi, the way the world plays. CricFi provides a platform for showcasing and discovery of talent for critics/coaches/players. It is also helping critics/coaches grow by providing them an appropriate feedback loop in terms of statistics/data points. It is a platform to play, express, engage and most of all, have fun.

CricFi android mobile app further allows users to do ball by ball scoring of an ongoing match on the ground. It is easy to use and handles all the cases which can happen in a particular ball during a cricket match. Further live score (summary) of any of these ongoing matches can be seen by anyone else using the mobile app. Finally, all the stats flow into website which people can see.

Coming from different backgrounds the CricFi co-founders, Pankaj, Shashank and Saurabh did their B.Tech. from same university where they shared passion for two things: Cricket and Technology. Though this passion continued post undergraduate but they came together only after moving to US where they realized how technology is being used at each and every level of sports in US. This is when they realized potential of bringing together their passion for cricket and technology and create a technology based platform for amateur and aspiring cricketers in India to help them showcase their potential and discover other cricketers. In due course Dinesh joined who share similar passions.

Most recently CricFi partnered with Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF) as official scoring partner and organized a tournament (IPCL season 5) which was covered live on DD Sports. Currently CricFi is managing around 500 user’s profiles within 6 months of its launch.

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