Students are innately inquisitive about the interests they have but lack exposure to the right avenues at the right time. After the advent of mobility, they are more connected but less aware of the happenings in their relevant space due to information overload. Currently, mobile devices are projected as an entertainment device and no student application exists which exposes them to avenues and opportunities above and beyond their college.

Dabblr - The Student Companion AppDabblr is a free student companion application with the intent of keeping them abreast with the most relevant information on the go such as news, fests and events, career guidance, competitive exam preparation content and even subject notes. By providing all this on a platform where a student also gets their own college information, such as timetables and schedules, they are exposed to multiple avenues.

There are about 32,000 colleges in India with a total of 20 million students in the higher education space. The large number of graduating students and limited opportunities requires each of them to be competitive and up-to-date on an everyday basis.

Co-founded by 5 young and vibrant minds Srikant Rajasekharuni, Shirish Ghosal, Bhagat Marla, Rohit Tirunellai and Harsha Aluri, the application within 11 months of its launch on Google Playstore has already seen close to 20,000 downloads with 20 college partnerships. Seeing a healthy daily active user rate of about 500, dabblr has already clocked over 200,000 sessions and over 1,500,000 screens viewed.

Currently, students have to sift through multiple channels to gather information. The vision of dabblr is to be the one-stop source for students, making them more aware and career wise. By virtue of this ecosystem for students, multiple stakeholders, who are concerned with the student demography, can reach out to them. Colleges can advertise their fests for greater participation. Career counsellors, coaching institutes and postgraduate institutes can attract students. Knowing the students’ profile, they can be target with relevant offers and communication from brands, job opportunities and internships.

Dabblr is a product of dabblr Online Media Pvt.Ltd , a startup based out of Hyderabad comprising of 6 highly capable individuals who are friends first and partners later. Prior experiences of these MBA graduates range from game and app development to digital marketing and in reputed companies such as Facebook, Amazon, UB group and EA Games.

The venture is currently bootstrapped with capital raised among the co-founders and looking to raise the next round of investment. The investment will be utilized to hire a competent team of developers to strengthen the product, sales and marketing teams to expand business to other geographies and content team to streamline and expand the current content.

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