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Starting up a small business can be stressful. In most markets, you’re going to have some competition from bigger businesses. This means that you have to work extra hard to make the sales, while they can continue to do what they do. Thankfully, there are some factors on your side, though. This post will go through some of them, to help you in your own pursuits.


When it comes to online presence, everyone is equal. The only thing that will hamper you online is a bad website. But, it’s not too hard to compete with larger companies in this regard. It’s usually best to avoid using website builders, that you make a website with by yourself. These services are great to produce something that can be considered a prototype. But, when it comes to the actual website, you should use a professional web developer.

This will give you true freedom when it comes to the design of your site. You will be able to have animations and server-side scripts, without having to use addons. It will allow you to have custom pages, with the layout that you want. You can hire a web dev relatively cheaply if you use a website like Just make sure that you see some of their past work before you agree to give them any work. This will cost you less than using an agency to do the work. But, will still give you the same chance to make a beautiful site.

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Pretend To Be A Big Business

If you are a business that operates online, it’s easy to pretend to be a big business. As mentioned above, your website plays a big part. But, so does the content your business displays and gives out. For example, customers won’t feel comfortable calling a mobile phone number. And, no big business would ever offer one as an option. So, you need a business landline number. Likewise, your address should also be one for a business. Not your home address. Otherwise, customers will notice something fishy. Thankfully, Your Virtual Office London are a mail forwarding provider that can help with all of this. Their services are affordable, and they only make you pay for what you use.

Other content that your customers are exposed to should be dealt with in a similar manner. Emails should be sent from an email address with your company name. Not a free service like Hotmail or Gmail. They should use a HTML template so that they look as good as possible. And, they should be free from any spelling errors. The same goes for anything that you produce on paper. This will test the strength of your brand, and make it easier to improve it in future.

Hopefully, this will give you the tools you need to start running your business in a more professional manner. Of course, competing with big businesses can be hard. But, with the right steps, you can make them envious of your small-business charm. Make sure you do plenty of research before making big changes to your business.

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