Cashback? The word itself gives us goosebumps. I mean who doesn’t get enchanted with it especially when you’re a regal online buyer. DealsNcashback (DC) is one of few emanating online cashback platforms in the contemporary world. Seeing how the users haggle to save each and every penny that they have earned (Specifically the people belonging to the middle class), cashback offers are ruling the market or should I say the online market. A bargain is the most fundamental thing you come across in Indian markets. Be it in person or online, people always get charmed by discounts and reductions. Few years back, when the e-commerce retail bombarded, many cashback offering services emerged to assist users and in order to benefit them in possible ways.


The basic motive behind our platform is to offer cash reward or avail cash back to all the registered users. From many users, people of different countries have been offered cashbacks through various cashback platforms. However, India still is backwards when compared with the statistical data. Therefore, to help online shoppers in India in saving extra with cashback, DealsNcashback begun!

DealsNcashback was founded as a Hyderabad based startup in April 2014 and that is where it all started. From the day one, they entirely focused on exploiting cashback deals and in offering them to the users.  The cash rewards offered are based on their purchases from multiple online shopping sites like Flipkart, Jabong, Amazon, Make my trip, Oyo Rooms, Lime Road, Ebay etc. With the sole motive of acting as the single stop destination for all online shopping saving opportunities, DealsNcashback covers all type of purchase categories be it Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Health, Food & Drink, Luggage, Travel, Kitchen etc. Recently, it has got a boost up for becoming the one stop destination in India where Flipkart has been the top most online purchasing site. is a bootstrapped firm that has been founded by Srinivas. Srinivas who previously worked in IT industry in both United States and India wanted to utilize his expertise. After relocating to India, he focused on helping the users by building applications that provide optimization of the resources. DealsNcashback turned out to be the best of such attempts and has been evolving since then. The main aim of is to make major transactions with multiple companies in order to increase the number of cashback offers.

When asked about the company, Srinivas revealed that “Major percentage of online buyers compromise of women. Though 75% of them belongs to the age group between 15-30, the remaining 25% are the adults who don’t have adequate knowledge about the online purchases. Forget cashback, they are not even acquainted with discount deals. Our motive is to make them aware of these cashback deals, free coupons and drag them towards the advancement in markets. Talking about the youngsters, they are already engaged with our website. We will try our best to give exalted deals”.

He also added that “As the company is bootstrapped, we can’t afford any raise in the capital. Even though we have sources, bolstering is not what we need at the moment. We will rather focus on releasing mobile applications in the next quarter and try to enlarge our platform in the Asian market. Since its start in April 2014; the platform has driven massive sales for the partners who affiliated. And around 90% of the commission is averted back to the users. More than money, we are curious about establishing a gigantic platform instead of visiting multiple websites where the user can have access to offers, coupons, deals and cash backs which will not only save money but also time.

With many alternatives, what makes DealsNcashback unique? offers latest coupons along with a price comparison option. Dealing with 200 online shopping sites, the tools that are inscribed helps users to choose the best-balanced price option on anything, they are about to purchase. The uniqueness lies in benefaction of Free deals, Cashback deals, Coupons and Price comparison in a single go. What are you waiting for? Have a look at the site.


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