Digital Gorkha

Everywhere we go, any office, any society, we need to fill our details in old eared visitor book. That can be tampered by filling wrong details and mobile number (no verification of identity here).  Even if a criminal tamper these data and get access to the premises and check out safely, there will be no trace back will be behind in these visitor records. And even we want to view old records, we found them inked and not proper format to understand. So Security of a resident is a concern here.

Digital Gorkha, is a SAAS based visitor registration and management platform for real estate properties, corporate offices and hotels.

The start-up replaces visitor book with an android application. Gorkha brings a paperless solution to make visitor registration easier and faster.  It verifies mobile number of first time visitor, capture his/her image, get the required information and then send and confirmation SMS/CALL to resident/recipient. They can only check in once they get confirmation from the recipients. The data is instantly uploaded on the servers; residents can view visitor information with their check in/checkout time from their dashboard.

Features of Digital Gorkha:

  • Recurring visitors, Family members, staff doesn’t need to verify their details again and again, they can directly check in, the application pulls data from their previous check in.
  • The data is automatically uploaded from the Tablet to the secure servers, and everything is constantly backed up. No need to worry about manually safeguarding the data
  • It automatically pre-registers all your expected Eventbrite guests. Your security desk will know who to let up to your space, and sign-in is a breeze. It’s important to know who’s still in the building. Gorkha lets visitors sign-out when they leave.
  • If you pre-register a visitor, they will receive a beautiful email with the date and time of the meeting, along with information like parking, elevator instructions, the Wi-Fi password, and even nearby coffee shops.
  • No need to track down a visitor’s host if they’re away from their desk. Gorkha sends an email, text message, notification when the visitor has checked in.

Digital Gorkha sends a text notification when Staff checked in the society, Residents can track on their staff with these updated features.

The start-up monetizes through a SaaS model, and there are two tiers of Gorkha, at a INR 7500 and INR 12500 a month price point per society.

The start-up targets to server all those premises which are using visitor book, almost everyone does. So There is a big market opportunity for the product. Gorkha will cost 50 rs/month for residents.

At initial stage Gorkha had signed up with two renowned builders of Pune for 50 societies. They will be soon coming out with iOS version of this app and solutions for offices and hotels.

Recently the Gorkha app closed angel around and successfully raised $ 160k funds from the angel investor Ramesh Kavediya..

Digital Gorkha was co-founded by two brilliant minds, Hitesh Malviya and Suraj Sunder. The team consists of another two mobile application developers Ramakant yadav and Vinay Thakar, who are the mastermind behind the app.

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