Should Do These in Interview

“In India, we first become Engineers and only then think what in life we actually want to become” and this plight is pretty much not because we wanted to become some of greatest engineers that the world bear; but because we could make it into the shortlisted candidate list of some of the top notch MNCs that is going to fill your pockets with more than just the sufficient money post the college days. The start as with the monetary terms that these corporates give is unmatchable and anybody would want to be a part of it at-least to enjoy its pecuniary aspects though getting in here is not pretty much a child’s play.

The so called “Campus Recruitment” never lost its charm since its inception and continues its stupendous form even today with hiring just more than what’s ever required to meet the business needs of the firms. “Like how the companies treat employees as an option; the employees treat the companies as an option too”. For both the parties getting into each other’s association is just a stand by decision to an alternative that is in pipe-line.

These pay-machines (corporates) have a set of agenda before they actually decide upon hiring somebody for their vacant positions and this test varies with experience and agility. Although the complexities of such tests are directly proportional to the number of years in the industry; “Interview” is one common thing that takes place irrespective of any such criteria. Interviews are best methodologies that help you figure out as to who somebody is and what they are made up of.

To be interviewed by someone is a process where one or more questions are put-forth in order to evaluate / analyse and determine if the candidate is fit enough to acquire a place in the organisational chart. The interview panel need not necessarily have just one but could be a possible team which together decides the authenticity of such candidates which varies from very many different criteria.

As a fresher, being interviewed is just to understand the total notion of somebody wanting to be a part of this industry and how farther could they travel with the zeal and thirst they possess. As a freshman, somebody just got to be thyself and not pretend to be somebody else who they aren’t. Their notion should just be to express themselves rather trying and impressing the interviewer so that the job vacancy goes to the right person who could aptly fit in.


  • SENDING SOMEBODY IN YOUR PLACE: This might sound really funny but there are instances where people send somebody else in for their place. This is first and the foremost point to keep in mind and to be present at the venue without a doubt of authenticity.
  • WEARING THE WRONG OUTFIT: Although professionalism does not just depend the way people get dressed up as; there are few regulations as how to and how not to dress for an interview. “One major wardrobe malfunction is a girl getting dressed herself in a cat suite for an interview “, wrote a famous HR indicating the dumbest job applicants. Men are expected to dress formally in a neatly pressed shirt and trouser while women in a neatly pressed cotton outfit.
  • GETTING A LITTLE TOO COMFORTABLE: “A picture is worth a million words”, and so does a posture. The posture that you sit in conveys a lot more than you think it would. “A candidate complained that she was hot. She then said ‘Excuse me’ and removed her socks. After placing them on the desk, she continued as if everything was normal.” The posture that you sit in should be appealing and attentive. Make sure to sit straight and not too relaxed through-out the entire span of the interview.
  • BEING A LITTLE TOO WEIRD: There once came a job applicant with a cuckoo on his shoulder with a nasty shirt and trouser when asked for told the interviewer that he had stolen a pig on the way and had to sell it for his supper. Such ridiculously astounding answers would never get a place in the interviewer’s mind and will make him furious. Actually avoid being so desperate and weird being there at an interview.
  • GO HUNGRY: “I had someone eat all the candy from the candy bowl while trying to answer questions.” Wrote a famous HR when asked about some of the funny interview experiences. There are interviewers who offer food to be munched in the due course to really test how the applicants behave and a sincerely suggestion is not to fall into such traps as it could prove really a costly bet. The mannerisms and gestures somebody shows munching the food will add up to the results by any chance.
  • LISTING IRRELEVANT EXPERIENCES: “I had somebody list their prison time as a job and an exotic dancer who called herself a ‘customer service representative.” wrote a famous HR on being asked about some of very funny interview experiences. When asked about yourself; try and keep it short crisp and subtle in a way your experience could really mean something to the company. Jot points down in such a fashion that could come handy with all that you have done over years.
  • FORGETTING TO RESEARCH ABOUT THE COMPANY: It would sound really awkward to walk into some random interview without even knowing as to what exactly they do as with the business needs. It’s always advisable to take a quick look at their site to really understand what they do and how they do it. “It’s amazing when people come in for an interview and say, ‘Can you tell me about your business?’ Seriously, people. There’s an Internet. Look it up.”
  • GROSSING THE INTERVIEWER OUT: “Someone once blew her nose and lined up the used tissues on the table in front of her.” Things like these could actually make a lot of difference in the way you are going to be treated for the rest of the interview. This attitude will really piss the interviewer off when not properly behaved. “Candidate specified that his availability was limited because Friday, Saturday, and Sunday was ‘drinking time.”. Such things are not countable under the “cool stuff” cadre but will easily fit into weird category applicants.

Getting a job is not as easy as pie. Interviews have become the standard to valuate a candidate’s potential, hence it’s a serious deal and everyone should take it up the way it ought to be.

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