In today’s digital era where products and services reach the doorsteps of a consumer at a single click, there are areas of concern in the Indian healthcare sector-Due to the scarcity of reliable source of information on doctors which can be trusted by the patients, it makes online doctor appointment bookings tougher decision to make.

DrRiight.com is an online service that assists patients in receiving better and faster care by offering detailed doctors’ profiles which includes their respective biographies, expertise, hospital affiliations and much more. With confirmed medical appointments through DrRiight, the company intends to mitigate endless delay for patients, especially when they are accompanied by children or elderly.

DrRiight dedicates a profile page for a registered doctor, which effectively draws attention of the potential consumers.  Apart from this, it offers a “dr” trust seal to the doctors to help them build credibility as verified doctors. A trust seal is offered to a doctor after rigorous screening of his identity, education, medical license and professional references. The clinic grading certificate provided by DrRiight measures the quality of healthcare delivery of clinics. Clinic grading certificate is awarded to a clinic on the basis of a proven grading model which includes parameters like infrastructure, human resources, patient satisfaction etc. The trust seal and clinic grading certificate serves as quality indicator for the patients while choosing a doctor/clinic and also acts as a driving force for the clinics to improve their service delivery.

DrRiight also provides practice management software- DrRiight MAP at the behest of doctors and multi- clinics to optimise their productivity and profitability. DrRiight MAP includes features like digitally scheduled appointments, structured and stored data of patients, inventory management, real time analytics, communication tool to interact with patients and interactive voice response (IVR) system for clinics among a host of other features.

The start-up plays a significant role in amalgamating patients and doctors in a sector paralysed by logistic disadvantages.  It introduces doctors and medical practitioners to potential patients and vice-versa with the help of information technology.

The wide appreciation accredited to DrRiight in the market is evident by the fact that in less than a month since its inception, 20,000+ doctors are already registered with DrRiight.

The DrRiight Advantage

For Doctors

DrRiight dedicates a profile page for a registered doctor, which effectively draws attention of potential consumers. Services like trust seal, clinic grading and practice management software help doctors build credibility and manage their practice seamlessly.

For Patients

DrRiight is an extremely user friendly, easy to navigate doctor search platform. Users can easily search doctor(s) from a comprehensive list and book instant appointments. DrRiight confirms and reminds patients through message notifications so that they do not miss out on appointments. Additionally, a patient also gets to maintain complete medical records in digital format on DrRiight.

DrRiight aims to act as a one stop platform for all the healthcare needs of a patient. “We see a future where a patient will be able to avail healthcare services without leaving the comfort of his home”, says Nidhi Gupta, Product & Strategy Head at DrRiight. With this in vision, DrRiight has identified certain areas like telemedicine where the company plans to extend its services in the future and make healthcare delivery possible at the touch of a button.

The team includes Nidhi Gupta who heads the Product and Strategy at DrRiight. Nidhi is an alumnus of Shri Ram College of commerce, Delhi with experience in strategic and key decision making projects in the areas including product conceptualization, long-range vision and priority setting & creation of strategic plans at corporate/business level. Other members include Sanjeev Pathak and Shalabh Govil who head Customer Acquisition and operations team respectively.

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