The industry leading fashion e-Commerce enabler eShopbox has announced its association with Sarvoday Ashram to strengthen the online presence of ‘Ekmatra’, a first of its kind clothing brand using handspun and handwoven fabrics. Sarvoday Ashram, founded in 1952  has chosen eShopbox to handle its end to end online B2C operations and increase market reach of the brand Ekmatra.

Ekmatra Clothing Brannd

Following the Gandhian philosophy of simplicity, Sarvoday Ashram’s Ekmatra finds its roots in an effort of making Handspun & Handwoven fabrics that supports environment, inclusive growth and sustainable development, which is earthy and traditional, the desired clothing with an elegant, classy and fashion appeal. Through this initiative, Sarvoday Ashram would be able to display their apparel and designs and reach out to more people who understand the benefits of these fabrics.

“Digital eCommerce is an strategic growth vehicle for Sarvoday Ashram. We have an opportunity to benefit from the expertise of eShopbox in this domain, to help us increase our market reach and grow the business in terms of revenue. Through the fast growing online channels, we will be able to reach out to more customers as well as educate people on the benefits of Handspun & Handwoven fabrics.”  – Parth Chaturvedi, Sarvoday Ashram

“We are proud and honoured to be a strategic partner to Sarvoday Ashram, a pioneer establishment of the country. Our focus would be to increase the visibility of Ekmatra across the online channels, increase the awareness of the benefits of Handspun & Handwoven fabrics using our marketing insights and create a platform for Ekmatra to scale up their growth.”  – Ankush Karwa, Co-Founder, eShopbox, Gurgaon

Sarvoday Ashram is spread across almost 250 kilometres of contiguous territory in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. TheAshram in Etah employs almost 3000 spinners, weavers and other craftspeople, whose work it is to produce fabrics. Ekmatra’s positioning – Handspun, Handwoven, Handcrafted will usher in a fashionable avatar of the apparels. eShopbox will have to play a significant role in the brand building and driving the online business end to end for Ekmatra.

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