They say, “As long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all problems for the time being.”

The eureka moment was when Harsh Shah was himself a college goer. While standing amidst the crowd of students in front of a nearby street food vendor, ordering his “ekPlate Grilled Sandwich,” an idea popped in his mind. This marked the beginning of a very innovative venture called ekPlate . When it comes to college students and office-goers, who are always on a tight budget, eating out does not necessarily mean restaurants to them. In India, a huge mass relies on the roadside vendors and street foods to satisfy their appetite. Considering street food equivalent to restaurant food is like comparing apples to oranges.

College students cannot go to restaurants every day as it would cost them an arm and a leg. Therefore, coming to their rescue is ekPlate. EkPlate provides a platform for street food vendors to feed a larger mass. Meanwhile, customers can have access to good food at a reasonable price. These days, app stores are flooded with apps that market restaurants and other luxurious food joints. But we cannot find a single app that promotes street foods. And that is when comes into the big picture.


What makes ekPlate stand out of the herd are its special features like veg mode, videos of local Street food vendors promoting their Joint and hygiene rating based on customers past experiences.

For vegetarians, Ekplate has a feature called Veg Only Mode, where they won’t have to peek into the non-vegetarian menu and face discomfort. Through videos on their YouTube Channel, vendors can do the talking, expressing why his stall is a must visit and talk about the lineage and history of his stall, which will leave you realising that every Vendor has an amazing story to tell.

Launched in August this year, Ekplate is Live on both IOS and Android. The team of 5 is headquartered at Mumbai. Currently bootstrapped, the start-up is looking to raise some funding in very near future. The team wants to create a strong network in Mumbai both online and offline and use this as a testing ground. They further eventually want to move to other metros, and the final aim is going global.

Download the app by clicking the link below-

We wish this yummy initiative all the luck…

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