eShopbox For Fashion Brands

Successful fashion brands always focus to connect the customers with their concept effectively thereby build brand identity and brand loyalty in the competitive market.

The main concern for any brand to stand out from the competition is to focus on what customers want and how focused is your concepts towards the customers.

Indian fashion apparel industry is now a $60 billion market which needs cutting edge, engaging technology through deployment of state of the art tools and processes for the growth. This is where startups like eShopbox come into the picture.

eShopbox is an internet retailing partner for fashion brands, offering brand-partners an end to end solutions including the ideation and implementation of the creative concept, innovative interface design, a customized technological platform, efficient logistics and multi-channel retailing.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, the venture was started in 2012 but went to market with end to end offerings in July 2014.  Since their launch, it has seen a tremendous growth in total revenue (800 items in July’14 to 25000 items in June’15), number of clients (Total of 64 clients as of now, out of which only 34 have been acquired in last three months who will go live at onset of next season – AW15) and has witnessed 58 percent increase in revenue last quarter.

“We offer a complete package of technology and strategic solutions to fashion eCommerce brands and labels. We want the brands to concentrate on their core business objectives and leave the eCommerce aspects to us”, says Mayur Karwa, CTO of eShopbox, an IIT Bombay alumnus.

What problem does eShopbox solve?

The biggest challenge for fashion brands who want to successfully sustain on eCommerce is that they have to dedicate a lot of resources to create, maintain and analyze their eCommerce platforms. Dedicating a large team to leverage eCommerce needs a huge investment and a pool of highly skilled technical talent. These two factors dictate the success of a brand.

The leadership team at eShopBox has witnessed brands failing to leverage and maintain eCommerce platforms due to lack of quality resources. This is where eShopbox can work as a technology partner with fashion labels. There are numerous challenges within eCommerce that need constant attention, strategy and innovation, which are eShopbox’s forte.

Here is an image depicting some of the pain points fashion brands face today:

Fashion Brand Problems

And here is what eShopbox has to offer to the brands:

eShopbox Benefits

The venture caters exclusively to fashion categories, such as apparels and accessories. Nearly 80% of the company’s current clientele fall under the apparels category.

The fashion eCommerce market opportunity

Fashion being a vast category in India, it was worth $40 billion in 2010, now it is worth $60 billion. The potential is immense as this category is mostly unorganized. Hence, there is a massive opportunity for fashion brands and labels to crop up and take a piece of the pie.

Managing a fashion brand brings with it many challenges, and by leveraging the eCommerce boom in India, this aspect adds more complexity to existing challenges. There is a dire need for solutions to help and support these brands to run their businesses effectively and efficiently. eShopBox offers all the necessary eCommerce support and solutions in one package to fashion brands, allowing these brands to completely concentrate and innovate on what they do best.

The USP of eShopbox is the comprehensiveness of the products and services offered by them to fulfil B2B requirements, allowing the brands and fashion houses to focus on exactly what they are best at – ‘Fashion innovation’.

Future plans and goals

With 64 clients in their portfolio the venture plans to expand to other cities than Delhi NCR – mainly manufacturing hubs like Mumbai, Ludhiana, Jaipur, Bangalore, Tirupur etc. and work with international brands to facilitate their entry into Indian market via eCommerce route.

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