If you’re looking to start any sort of business, then you need to keep a focus on success. Yeah, that’s a pretty obvious thing to say. But a lot of people assume that success is just going to fall into their lap as soon as they start a business. And there are few businesses types where this is truer than in ecommerce.

Online shopping has exploded over the last decade. It recently turned into a $1 trillion industry. (Although it’s still pretty tiny compared to the rest of the shopping industry!) So entrepreneurs often go into such a pursuit assuming that success and, most importantly, huge profits aren’t too far away.

It’s important to point out, along with the fact that ecommerce is such a big business, that most ecommerce businesses fail. It’s the same as with any other business pursuit, I’m afraid! That’s why it’s important that you pay attention to the factors that are going to make or break your online shopping business. Take a look at these four essential components that you need to pay particular attention to.


Is users can’t interact with the site properly, or have a horrible time doing so, then they’re going to be put right off. A lot of things can affect the UX of your website – UX standing for ‘user experience.’ A lot of it has to do with the website design itself. There’s also the accuracy, readability, and availability of information. Many problems in this area can be assuaged by working with the right Magento enterprise developers.


This should seem obvious enough. I’m sure all of us have, at some point in our lives, felt the sting of having not had a product delivered to us in a satisfactory way. Maybe it arrived late. Maybe it didn’t arrive at all. Maybe the darn thing was just broken. In any case, so much of your reputation relies on your ability to excel in this area. Don’t cut corners when it comes to shipping.


“Build it and they will come?” Ha! That may have worked for Kevin Costner, but it won’t work for your business. You need to get the word out. And don’t make the mistake of assuming that digital marketing for an ecommerce business is going to be served just as well by the marketing tactics that aid other sorts of websites. When it comes to online shopping, people tend to stick to a very limited amount of websites. So it’s a much more competitive field. Maret appropriately!

The products!

A lot of businesses get so caught up on the digital side of things that they forget to give the actual products themselves their due. It doesn’t matter if your shipping times are fast, and your website is a beauty to behold, and your customer service folks are the friendliest people on Earth: if the products you send out simply aren’t very good, then you’re going to be losing a lot of customer faith. And that’s going to sink your ecommerce ship very quickly. When people shop they want quality goods. Deliver them!

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