Did you know that it’s easier to get into Harvard med on a full scholarship than it is to get the most basic funding for your startup ? Of the 305 million startups formed every year, about 100,000 make it to the basic funding stage.

Marketing and PR hurdles are responsible for the failure of 14% of startups; 64% if you account for related factors like the naming and positioning problems facing startups.

Jumping the hurdle

If only there was a way to get sponsored for, say, Surge, or Web Summit, or any other leading startup conference in India or abroad, and get global Marketing and PR support for free, right?

That’s exactly what we thought.

Which is why September 2016 saw the launch of The Startup League, an initiative that aims to make worldwide visibility a cakewalk for budding startups by offering its members a way to better market themselves at prominent global events for a fraction of the cost. Radix, the Registry behind domain extensions like .TECH, .STORE, and .ONLINE, started the League in a bid to help the startups on its extensions tackle Marketing and PR head-on.


The benefits offered by the Startup League include:

  • At least 25% sponsorship on the booth fees when exhibiting at leading technology and startup events
  • Complimentary PR mentions in leading startup portals like TNW, tech.eu, Arctic Startup etc.
  • Branded schwag
  • Marketing and PR support
  • VIP domain access

Within 4 months, the Startup League has expanded to a group of over 47 startups and 27 partners, including accelerators and incubators such as Founders Space, The Founder Institute and WHub. About 22 startups from various industries – technology, health and nutrition, sports, and even content writing – and geographies – Europe, America and Latin America were sponsored by the Startup League at various events across the globe such as Web Summit Lisbon, TechCrunch Disrupt SF, Apps World London, Bits and Pretzels Munich, TechCrunch Disrupt London and INCmty Mexico.

Radix reps with with startups they sponsored at Web Summit

Besides helping tackle numerous Marketing and PR hurdles effectively, the Startup League offers a seemingly endless choice of names on new domain extensions.

What’s in a name ?

In today’s day and age, a company’s name isn’t determined by what sounds right, but by what is available on a .COM.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. New domain extensions offer a wider choice of names, on extensions that, unlike the regular .COM, speak of what the brand does.

One of Radix’s domain extensions that has gained a notorious reputation for representing startups all over the world is .TECH. The literal meaning of ‘tech’ accounts for its adoption by big fish of the technology industry such as Carl Pei of OnePlus (carl.tech), Viacom.tech and CES.tech, and new age startups such as Blue.tech, Between.tech and Genesis.tech.

However, about 38 of the 47 startups in the Startup League are on a .TECH – further evidence of the association of the extension with startups. The use of .TECH in university Hackathons at leading institutions across the globe, such as Princeton, CalTech and Warwick has helped associate .TECH with a young, innovative and ambitious crowd – just the kind of crowd that has the nerve to Start up.
In fact, .TECH has repeatedly emerged as the most popular choice among hackers for their cutting edge projects at leading Hackathons across the globe. Sergei Beregov of Bulbul, a music app built on www.bulbul.tech by hackers at Junction 2016 in Helsinki, said,

The .TECH domain is a brilliant way to tell right away that it’s technology we’re dealing with. It’s not just any domain – it has the boldness of something fresh, new and progressive. While .TECH exists, there’s no explanation why startups should settle with the boring .COM anymore.”

It’s time to take the risk, and turn your idea into a reality. With a .TECH in your name and the Startup League at your back, you have the best odds anyone could wish for. Just head on over to www.startupleague.online to know more and join the Startup League, or www.get.tech to get a .TECH domain. You can also check out our Twitter @startupleagueHQ, or write in to leaguesupport@radix.email for any queries whatsoever.

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