Running an online business has become so customary these days and also expedient owing to the anticipated generated needs. Online business has inevitably assumed the face of technical and commercial domains, encompassing nearly all of the flourishing industries.  Under the current scenario, every small business is getting their online sections to dive into this thriving live marketplace.

Have you ever heard of e-commerce and cloud? Chances are that you might have as they are the latest trending features in clubbing the essence of business with innovating technology.

With a committed vision to provide professional support to those who are looking to expand their business online, marks an initiative taken by Ossian Vogel in 2013. It was founded as a social project with an endeavor to create a free and open marketplace for micro-companies worldwide.


They have explored the online market with business owners successfully to provide users with a friendly User interface. This is a live interaction feature which has been christened as “Chat n buy”. The USP of this feature is that users are able to connect with the merchant in an easy, straightforward manner with ample doses of coolness quotient.

Helpful support from Frank de Vries , Anna Hubak, Julia Emmert and Elena Yago Garcia have allowed for the fructification of this vision as a platform to provide easy access to online support for entrepreneurs in conjunction with a personal online. Great amounts of technological and marketing insights have catapulted this to the level of offering powerful marketing tools and social media apps with a search engine friendly marketplace which is already enabling 87 countries to sell their products, art and services globally without having to pay any commission fees.

Team Ezebee

Ezebee has emerged as a “dream come true” for all growing businesses. The enviable combination of e-commerce and cloud has been nothing short of a bane for hardworking and ambitious business owners. Over the years, ezebee has reached out to an eclectic niche of budding entrepreneurs. Ossian Vogal says-“I have always thought of helping people in their works, and this was the best way I found to reach out maximum crowd and support them in what they love to do”.

The wondrous team of ezebee took the initiative of commencing online sales and establishing a better platform for small and large businesses alike. It has been linked with 696 other websites where they display updates across several genres like DIY products, travel, leisure activities and alternative transport, among others. The team comprises of wonderful people like Anna Hubak in Investor relations, Julia Emmert as Head of Marketing, Elena Yago Garcia as Marketing and Country manager coupled with a competent technical team of engineers.

As per recent reports, ezebee boasts of a Alexa World Rank of #18,844 while its Google Pagerank stands at 3 out of 10. They have successfully re-launched their technical platform in 2016 by modifying it into a “Mobile-First” strategy that is replete with interesting social-commerce features.

ezebee has worked arduously over the past few years for every entrepreneur and is looking to “light the lamps” for many others. Millions of dreamers have benefited with this platform and the team is reaching out to an excited audience in Asia where they have tasted good success in India. They have been able to attract plenty of business crowd through their top-class services and support.

If you are in the domain of online business and are exploring ways to expand it, look no further and try this free online marketplace !!

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