Falafel Factory

On the go exotic food is rare to find in India. Times are changing and so are people’s palates. Travelling has increased globally with the working class making trips for short term assignments from work.  Rising incomes, combined with dual income households, are leading people to experiment more and more. They yearn for variety and hence, want to try out new and exotic cuisines.

Founded by two IIT alumni, Falafel Factory aims at bringing falafels, the world’s favorite street food, to India. It offers on the go Middle Eastern food and specializes in Falafels. The brand operates with a hub and spoke QSR model to offer the product at an affordable price point.

Since such cuisines are usually found only in fine dining restaurants, there is a dearth of on-the-go and value for money options in this space. The fact that falafels are vegetarian is a bonus for a country with a huge vegetarian population.

Presently, Falafel Factory has two outlets in Bangalore, one of them in a leading mall (Phoenix Market city) and the other in the IT centre of the city (ITPL). The brand has also launched home delivery service to cater to the huge crowd of tech savvy people who prefer ordering food online.

The venture was initially launched its first brick and mortar store on 9th December, 2013 in ITPL, Bangalore. In July, 2014 it launched the home delivery service and on January 26th, 2015, second brick and mortar store launched.

The two co-founders, Chirag and Akanksha graduated from IIT Kharagpur in 2011. After a minor stint for 2 years at Goldman Sachs, Chirag left his job to pursue something of his own. He was soon joined by Akanksha who left her job at Barclays capital, Singapore to scale up the business. Since the start of their careers, the duo was keen on doing something more than a routine job, creating something of their own, contributing something more to the society.

Like every first time entrepreneurs, coming from the MNC background, the founders faced a lot of difficulties getting some of the ground work done including licenses for the outlets. Post starting, they also faced difficulties in incentivizing blue collared staff to perform better. But this skill was picked up by the founders over time and experience.

“We pride ourselves on being able to serve our customers with the most delicious and authentic falafels and pita pockets in the town”, say Chirag and Akanksha.

“At present, at Falafel Factory we serve more than 100 customers a day and this number has been rising steadily”, they added.

The brand aspires to be the best in the city for Middle Eastern cuisine and is devoting all efforts towards opening more and more stores in Bangalore itself. There are plans to expand to Delhi, Mumbai and Pune. The long term vision is to be synonymous with middle-eastern food in India.


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