The only usual sensation other than being a gadget freak is to get easy food! With the coming of the technology in the market, the ways of approaching various areas and reaching out to people have also changed. The times which we apparently referred as “good old days” are gone and technology has made communication quite simpler and faster. It has been imbibed by almost every industry and Restaurant and Food industry is no far from its benefits.

Food Culture and Technology intersect in a way that is not just restricted to buying food items but goes beyond it. Technology has given consumers the power to participate more than the purchasing power and shifting from, “We are offering you/ You can purchase” towards a culture wherein consumers share “mouth-watering” food pictures on Facebook and tweet about recent food items. This growing intelligence of food culture, generate new customers.

FB Food Industry Image

Source: CBC News

Eating is a necessity and accordingly food industry has become aggressive as customers have grown more demanding. Though technological advancement has resulted in communicating better, these days it is also used to render great customer service. Therefore, restaurants are implementing innovative ideas to satisfy customers and retain them.

Reliability” and “Responsiveness” are the major factors for not letting customers go. Thus, restaurant owners need to execute those plans which results in better functioning of their business.

An article, quoted the following, “Why do I have to wait a full .8 seconds for a web page to load on my tablet?”. This is the behavior of an impatient customer and is often observed while they visit some restaurant or they order something over the phone. Companies like Domino’s have implemented a marketing strategy, “30 minutes otherwise free coke” to retain customers. Similarly, restaurants or other online food shops should start implementing which enhances the customer service and help to retain customers.


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Some of the recent technologies which can be used in your restaurants are as follows:

Marriott’s 5-10-20 menu:

No customer wants to waste time over ordering a food at a restaurant. You must have encountered customers asking, “how much time will it take?” and you having no idea about it, say “It’s all going to be quick sir”  and this situation of being “ quick” never turns up! So why not introduce something which help customers manage their time? Marriott’s 5-10-20 menu mentions the exact time taken by each food item grouping it as appetizers, shareable food and entrees. This way customers can order food according to the time they can spend at a restaurant. This kind of a system is beneficial for businessmen who cannot afford to waste a single moment. The whole idea of timeliness is introduced thus not keeping customers waiting.

Marriott’s 5-10-20 menu

5easy appetizers  10 │ shareable food 20│light entrees


MyOperator’s call tracking:

The new generation kids are tech-savvy and have become lazy. Mobile-orderings have become common and provides a fast resolution for ordering. Just dial the number-place an order- and it’s there. Simple!

It is not that easy as it sounds. Managing customer calls is a great deal especially when you have high volume of customers., an online cake shop is a famous e-commerce business. The company has high volume of customers and was unable to manage calls at a single point. This led to missing of customer orders and which in turn dissatisfied customers. Lately, they have been using MyOperator’s call tracking system which enabled them to track all customer calls. Even the ones they missed while receiving other calls. This enabled them to place all the orders on time and made them reliable for the customers.

MyOperator Call Tracking


Integrating innovation with technology always create wonders. Thus, it is important for all businesses to choose the ideas which leave customers with a smile. Start developing your business through innovation where you lessen the risk of losing customers and maximize profit.

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