Food space has been playing an interesting role in the business sector, since decades. From the wallet of an employed man, the largest share of the amount goes to the food. We spend loads of money on food trying different cuisines and exploring the delicacies on a daily basis. Still, food hasn’t penetrated much into the e-commerce sector. Talking about it, people only know one side of it, while the other side is brutal that only a few startups that enter come out alive making adequate money. As a foodie, we often find it difficult to go and traverse among places for food due to time, money and geographical constraints and hectic schedules. Therefore, to optimize our needs, we always would love to have a single platform that provides India’s best and most well renowned dishes on our plate just at a click of a button. Such a platform is Foodebaba, designed in order to flabbergast you with your favorite food.


Foodebaba is India’s first exclusive dessert aggregator and delivery platform. It is your solution to have some of India’s legendary food and dessert outlets right in your palms. A basic one-stop platform for all taste cravings. Using the technology in a collaborative way, Foodebaba interlinks traders with buyers and, therefore, helps in saving time and effort spent in purchasing food. Launched in November 2015; Foodebaaba started operating from New Delhi with resources in Agra & Hyderabad. With a number of 32, the team has been constantly putting efforts to help hassles people who become stressful in food shopping. Using The Internet as an infancy, made the idea more adaptable and efficient.

Foodebaba is a Food & Dessert ecommerce business launched by a bunch of foodies who were told to do what they love so they did exactly that. Inspired by that, a team of three who always wanted to do something unconventional, big and meaningful got the idea of creating a dessert based business which not only can provide services but also creates a need on the whole. The three of them (Two of them being Engineers and one being a Chartered Accountant), after deserting their lucrative jobs and the lavish luxuries built a globally scalable food platform which has potential as well as ambiance.

When asked about their mission, one of them conveyed, “We aspire to be the Google and Amazon of global food industry wherein we would like all the legendary eateries around the world to be available on one platform which could be delivered to anybody anywhere. Our mission is to connect India and the world through yummy desserts and delicacies”.

“It all started one day when we realized that we wanted to do something worthwhile with our lives and not get stuck up in an endless job Loop. One among us three was in a job that involved a lot of travel. When he went to Hyderabad, we used to ask him to bring Karachi Bakery Fruit Biscuits for us. Same is the case with our MAMAs & CHACHAs when it’s Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune etc. That’s when it hit us. There might be tons of people who crave for food that is not available in the places they live and who don’t have time and patience to travel to these places where they are available. And then we thought, why not make a business out of it. One year of research and a team of 32 and rest as they say, is history”, says another founder with endearment in his voice.

Foodebaba is currently being run as a bootstrapped startup. When asked about the challenges that they had to face, one of the founder said, “There were many challenges that we had to endure and overcome before we went live. But the fact that we did our homework for a year before starting the company helped us a lot in being prepared for the worst. We first went out to look for funding initially and we even got a few offers but the terms were certainly not favorable and hence we had to turn them down. We then decided to put in our personal savings and go all out in chasing our dreams. We knew nothing about the industry, and how business was done in India. We persevered without fearing failure and went from one office to another. As months passed by, we finally had all our agreements signed with all the vendors, logistical partners, had taken care of packaging, assembled a marketing team and on 29th Nov, we drew the anchor and set for the sail.”

Foodebaba offers a wide variety of products including Sweets, Namkeen, Biscuits & Bakery Items, Spices & Condiments, Imported Chocolates and Teas.  The startup provides both customer end solutions and seller end solutions. Under Customer End Solutions, everything from pickup from 15 cities and 27 outlets to packaging to managing delivery across all across India is managed by a dedicated team. Seller End Solutions, include Online & Offline Marketing, Seller Account Management, Pickup Services. An additional feature that enhances its startup glamor is that it is the first website to offer Kulfi/Ice Cream online.

The basic revenue model of Foodebaba runs on sales, advertising proposals, affiliate marketing through online channels, offline marketing in person, managing bulk deals for marriages, functions and other collective events. In addition to being available as a website, Foodebaba is now also available on Google Play Store and will soon hit the Apple and Windows app stores.

Foodebaba Android App will be the first website in India to airlift the world famous Hyderabadi Biryani all the way from Hyderabad to Delhi starting from the month of April.

Foodebaba is all set to roll out in the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Singapore in the Month of March. They are also trying to evolve by bringing all kind of food to the market place to make it even Slurpee in a single go. Just have a look at the website and enjoy India’s best, right at your fingertips.

Website: Foodebaba

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