Ever in the history of mankind, extra cash hasn’t harmed anyone, and everyone would love to get access to it. Believe me, if you are in your college and want to have some extra bucks in your pocket then freelancing is the most suitable thing for you.

Apart from the money perspective, freelancing can be more rewarding.

So, here in this article, I’ll walk you through all the prerequisites and the reason why one should freelance while in college? And BTW, I’m a student myself 😉

First thing first, lets go through the pounding “Why” behind it. Why should one freelance while in college? Here are some of the top reasons relating to it.

Extra Pocket Money

It’s like an icing on the cake. You can earn some extra cash while continuing your usual stuff. This will eventually give you more freedom while you spend your bucks.

However, when you deal with your hard earned money, you try to spend it meticulously. This is an added perk as you now know the hard work you have gone through to earn those pieces. This is indeed a great way to get exposed to financial literacy.


View life as a continuous learning experience

While working as a freelancer, you are more likely to get valuable experiences as compared to your usual course. You will get to know how to manage work-life balance, how not to repeat mistakes and much more. Moreover, getting exposed to some real time work is indeed a great experience in itself.

Career Options

Freelancing can open new doors of career opportunities for you. You might want to make a career out of it. For instance, you took graphics designing as your freelance job and then after some time you feel like making a career in UI/UX.

Freelancing can do wonders. Since, you have a keen interest in this subject, chances are high that you might witness significant growth by opting this very career path.
Now, moving on to the next part of this article that is how to be a freelancer?

Well, the sublime growth in the startup industry has made this thing comparatively easy. There is a constant demand in the market which needs to be fulfilled, and freelancing has paved its way through it. As a matter of fact, there are about 15 million freelancers in India. Additionally, India is on the top of the list of top freelance countries in the world.

So, all that you require surviving in this industry is to have a skill. Be it writing, designing, programming, consulting or other. In fact, every skill has a potential to be scaled as a freelance opportunity.

Lets dive deep into this and see how we can leverage the power of some of these skills.

Content Writing

Did you know that 95% of the web is text. This statement is enough to make you aware of the fact that there is a growing demand of content creators in this internet sphere.

Moreover, the evolution of blogging as a business has made the sea flooded with immense opportunities in this field. All that you require doing is to “Approach.” Make a nice portfolio of your content pieces, assemble them as a unit and then approach the right people.

Apart from this, you can look out for some work at the freelance portals such as truelancer, freelancer or fiverr.

Graphics Design

It’s an oft-repeated quote in the internet sphere that says “Visual converts more.” Yes, it does. This leaves the field with an avid demand of graphic designers all across the globe.

If you have slightest of interest in designing and art, this might be the thing for you. You can step into logo designing, poster designs, creative stills and much more.

Web Design

Ah, do you have an interest in web programming? Do you love juggling with web technologies? If yes, then you have an excellent freelance opportunity in front of you. You can offer your own customized services, or you can sign up for some of the freelance portals for it.

There are many more fields like consulting or SEO or others which you can scale up as a freelance opportunity. All that you have to do is to get started and make some extra cash while continuing your education.

Happy freelancing and keep visiting TSJ for more of such information 🙂

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