It’s 2017 and the beauty consumers are hard to please because of the huge number of options available to them. With the penetration of internet and mobile, the consumers are now more educated and engaged than ever.

Now that everything can be customized starting from a tote to cars, the beauty consumers also want to customize what they carry in their makeup bags. Beauty being a personal thing, women now want to choose what’s good for their skins, rather than being sold to the advertorials of the brands.

But as an Indian, you don’t have such comfort of personalizing your own cosmetics. Well, that’s till now. A young lady Rashi Arora saw this gap and came up with the concept of Freshistry, where anyone can buy what’s best for them, not what the seller wants to sell. Freshistry is a portal which allows its customers to customize their own beauty and hair product. It gives everyone a unique choice to make their cosmetics and that to freshly brewed, which gives every product a personal touch. And what’s more interesting is that you can brand the product under your name. Yes, that’s true!

“We allow the customers to brand their products under their name so to give them a sense of ownership and connection to the product they are buying, “ says Rashi.

With a very little initial investment, Rashi started her journey to make Freshistry a one of a kind business in India.

Freshistry offers four products i.e., cream, hair cleanser, lotion and face cleanser. The team has taken best approaches to keep the customization experience as easy and smooth as possible for the consumers.

Once you chose a product of your choice, you’re taken through a click and select process where you can select the base of the product according to skin type, herbs to match your beauty goals, choices of color tinges and unique fragrances.

Currently, Freshistry has been successfully generating more than 5K traffic in just 3 months and claims to have completed more than 1000 product.

“In future, we would eventually want to scale up as a brand and become the first ever leader in fresh cosmetics manufacturing in India”, says Rashi.

So the next time you’re feeling unsatisfied at the beauty counter or exhaustively scrolling through online shopping sites with little to no success, head to Freshistry. Because whether you’re looking to stand out from the crowd or simply searching for your dream product, take solace in the fact that there’s a perfect beauty product freshly brewed just for you.

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