Fundlined – Crowdfunding Platform For Bringing Ideas To Reality

Crowdfunding isn’t new in India, there already exist several platforms for it but most of them either lying dormant or have a horrible UI/UX. It was the moment when Fundlined was born. Started by a 17 year old Siddharth Shetty, the platform aims to be the Indian Kickstarter for crowdfunding. Now the platform has completed almost one year of its journey and gathered a huge media and user attraction for its look and operational strategy.

What Siddharth recognizes while talking with TSJ that, he never heard about crowdfunding before starting Fundlined. It was one fine day when he came across an advertisement of a startup conference in Goa and after Googling for some phrases he came to know the whole scenario of crowdfunding.

Siddharth Shetty (CEO, Fundlined)
Siddharth Shetty (CEO, Fundlined)

Being from a business background, Siddharth pitched his idea to his family and even approached to dropout the school which got a straight denial. But the passion of doing something out of the box and to be an entrepreneur helped the young mind to overcome all the odds and bring his idea to existence.

Fundlined is a crowdfunding platform where anyone with an Idea, Project, Startup or Cause can start a campaign and raise funds from family, friends and well-wishers to bring the idea into reality.

The biggest challenge to start the venture was getting accepted by the Payment Gateways. In countries like India, getting the approval for a platform like Fundlined is a tough task. It was initially rejected by the payment gateway company, but after some more attempts they got the approval.

“You need to be optimistic and have a certain strategy to handle these situations instead of just grumbling about them. I mean, on the face of it who would grant an approval to a 17 year old CEO of a company which is venturing into the crowdfunding space?”, said Siddharth, CEO of Fundlined.

The Fundlined team works with each campaign creator personally to ensure that the campaigner gets the maximum advantage of the platform to make it successful. . Campaign Creators can view a detailed analysis of their campaign, during its entire funding length, using the Campaign Stats page. The platform has been designed to ensure that you enjoy a simple, fun and safe crowdfunding experience.

“To bring crowdfunding to the forefront in India, we have developed various strategies which will have a massive massive impact in the crowdfunding sector in India in the coming year”, says Siddharth.

Recently Fundlined has launched India’s Biggest Crowdfunding Contest – With over 20 Lakhs worth of Extra Funding up for grabs! Anyone can take part in this contest and win the prize.

We wish Fundlined and the young entrepreneur a great success, and to be the number one crowdfunding platform in Indian in the coming years.

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