Imagine if investing in stock markets was as easy as ordering food from swiggy! That’s right, FYERS is a fintech stockbroker that has launched a very unique menu driven investing platform which allows people to invest in intelligent themes. Unlike traditional investing which requires a lot of time and research, you only require a few minutes using Fyers Thematic Investing platform.

Tejas Khoday, Co-Founder & CEO, says “This menu driven approach to investing will be increasingly preferred by the millennial population of India that is looking for higher returns than mutual funds.” Considering that our busy generation hardly has enough time to workout at the gym or spend time with family, Fyers Thematic Investing makes sense as you can save time, energy & invest money into ready-made themes which you can choose and customize based on your preferences.

Themes are mini-portfolios which are designed to revolve around specific ideas, trends, circumstances, policies etc. The logic is that asset allocation by fund managers depends on their outlook on the future. Similarly, retail investors have certain ideas or expectations before they choose to invest in stocks. Fyers Thematic has 100+ unique ideas which are structured into themes. A client can buy themes and thus become hassle-free. In comparison to mutual funds, Fyers Thematic platform is more concentrated thereby giving people the opportunity to earn higher returns.

FYERS is India’s youngest stockbroker which was started in 2015 by Tejas Khoday & team to change the way retail traders invest in the Indian stock markets. Unlike other stockbrokers in India, FYERS not only provides stock broking services but also builds their own technology. This has allowed them to address the real needs of retail traders and investors.  “We chose the road less taken by developing our own in-house platform“ says Tejas Khoday. Their most recent launch, thematic investing is well received by the age group between 21 and 32 and the firm has witnessed a significant month on month (MoM) growth rate so far.


Apart from thematic investing, Fyers has advanced trading platforms which it provides for free to their clients. Tejas Khoday says, ”Currently, an investor or trader pays different kinds of charges to stockbrokers which can become. We 100% transparent and have a simple pricing model that is 80-95% lesser than traditional brokers.”

Fyers charges a flat fee of only Rs 100 per theme regardless of the amount invested as opposed to 2.5% of the amount invested charged by mutual funds. For example, if you invest Rs 100,000 through Thematic Investing, you pay a transaction fee of only Rs 100/- whereas you pay Rs 2500 per year to mutual funds. Their regular trading charges range from Rs 0 – Rs 100 per transaction only.

The capital markets industry has been growing substantially due to the rise of mutual funds over the last decade. People prefer mutual funds since it is a passive mode of investing. On the other hand the stockbroking Industry has noticeably improved and consolidated. In this space, FYERS stands out among its peers by showcasing their technological prowess and willingness to go the extra mile to solve the fundamental problems faced by traders and investors in India. As of now, their business model is B2C as they feel that existing potential investors deserve to upgrade their experience through their services. FYERS competes with the likes of ICICI direct, Sharekhan and Zerodha. The multi-billion dollar stockbroking field has been around for decades without much progress in terms of advanced solutions. Considering that is a new entrant with a revolutionary approach, their technological innovation and modern platforms can be the cornerstone of success.

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