What starts out as a moment of inspiration can for a handful of us, turn in to a life-changing business which culminates in a buyout that adds a considerable number of zeros to your bank balance.

Facebook are the epitome of how the seed of an idea has the potential to be turned into a global business with a multi-million dollar turnover. Now that they are in that position of power, they seem keen to retain their status and are therefore seen frequently acquiring startups that fit their portfolio.

As this infographic illustrates, getting Facebook to buy your startup might seem like a pipedream but even if you start out with your business without any specific ideas of selling out to make your fortune, an offer to acquire your business from someone like Facebook might prove hard to resist.

The average amount that Facebook has paid for an acquisition ranges from between $15 million and $19 billion, which are all serious numbers at both ends of the scale, so how do you attract the interest of Facebook if that is your aim?

Some of their acquisitions have left analysts perplexed and their strategy does not always seem to be that easily identifiable, although there are some patterns emerging if you are trying to work out what it is they are looking for when targeting a business for acquisition.

Facebook have made about 40 acquisitions in the last 8 years and the general strategy they seem to be employing is to buy a small business which offers leverage and has scope for further improvements.

They might offer a big number, but they will only seemingly do so if there is sufficient potential and an upside in the current valuation once they have acquired the business into the Facebook fold.

Take a look at how to get Facebook to buy your startup and see if your business idea has the potential to attract the attention of this internet behemoth.


Source: WhoIsHostingThis

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