Managing the operations in a large organization can be really tricky when it comes to looking after each little detail. Especially in a numerous employees scenario, to respond to each and every grievance, track the progress of every task and manage the employees require something more than just manpower and time. Sigmapeiron Technologies has been known for evolving solutions that solve real-time problems. assistD is that bridge between technology and organization that reports, tracks, manage as well as ensures a glitch-free operation of your workplace in just a few seconds by scanning a QR code. Intriguing, isn’t it?

What exactly is assistD? How does it work?


The assistD is a mobile app for employees available on Android and iOS for employees to quickly report contextual issues related to facility and admin services by scanning geotagged QR codes.

For the management a live dashboard is provided to take care of supporting tickets, progress report that collects all the live updates that an organization needs for running the regular errands around the clock. Be it a case where the washrooms need to be cleaned, an employee needing a marker in the meeting room or even a new employee needing a replacement chair at his workstation, assistD works everywhere with just a scan. Once you have the application installed on your phone, all you need to do is to scan the specified QR Code of the object/service inside the office premises, where   you need assistance in and immediately it registers itself as a task on the live dashboard, gets heard by the right department and then worked on accordingly as you can see the live updates of its progress.

How exactly would assistD contribute to the internal operations of the organization?

A self-sufficient dashboard can have multiple benefits in the fields of productivity and respond to employee feedback in the least amount of time thus bringing the required transparency within the system. Even from the perspective of the administrator or the third-party (if any) in-charge of the facility, the protocol and tracking gets easier as assistD provides them with a firm governance about the happenings and progress of work going on in each department with respect to the employees.

  • Single channel communication about issues, grievances, feedbacks
  • Track and maintain the history of issues reported
  • Customizable to be domain specific and can adapt to custom workflows of every organization
  • Fit for purpose for any business which values customer feedback
  • Measure performance of housekeeping staff based on the response, resolution time
  • Exhaustive analysis to help fuel CSI initiatives
  • Convenient reports to pinpoint towards the pain areas
  • Manage app users to increase employee engagement

According to reports, assistD has been very useful to the hospitality industry:

  • From running a pilot with the hotel having 80+ suites and footfall of above 800 people per day, is now managed entirely by assistD setup in the command center
  • Contextual QR codes to report issues related to rooms and subcategories
  • Extensive branding opportunities

Apart from being an essential for the hospitality industry, assistD is also a necessity in housing societies, apartments and even government offices to ensure standards of quality. A completely paperless and transparent solution to all the valued feedbacks that is received from the residents or employees of the apartments and offices respectively, this app is handy to keep things organized and efficient at the same time.

Meet the founders of assistD
Meet the founders of assistD

From being the brainchild of Team Sigmapeiron – Founders Shrikant Sawant, Bhushan Bhagwat, Prasun Nair, and Chandu Mohan, AssistD is the software that can bring about a transformation in the ‘old school’ methods of tracking and evaluation of work in an organization in many countries.

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