Her proven skills with pioneering creativity and uniqueness that helped FernsNPetals group to become India’s largest retail floral chain. A gift as a most amazing token of love between two hearts must be designed, created, combined, wrapped and presented with love and care. But things were not going along these lines. And yet the way gifts are exchanged, the missing creativity and the gifting alternatives limited to flowers, cakes, teddies or chocolates were quite painful and here the idea comes to make the gifting simpler, affordable, creative and unique.

GiftsbyMeeta (giftsbymeeta.com)

Established in November 2013

Based in New Delhi, India

Meet The Lady Behind It All - Mrs. Meeta Gutgutia
Meet The Lady Behind It All – Mrs. Meeta Gutgutia

Introducing GiftsbyMeeta:

Mrs. Gutgutia gave her exceptional creativity and the impeccable designing skill, a new form. The bunch of experienced and innovative professionals were deployed under her leadership to make a blueprint of an online gifting store with a massive collection of gifting articles and global delivery services. GiftsbyMeeta with its mantra of “covering miles and delivering smiles” gives you the massive collection of one of kind gifting solution for almost every festival globally, additionally, the relationship, gender, and age-specific products at jaw-dropping prices. The journey so far that GiftsbyMeeta has traveled is the joint efforts of a team of smart, creative, and experienced professionals.

Meeta Gutgutia, born and raised in New Delhi, she is a fashion designer and she has served FNP group, her husband’s firm as a creative head for more than 15 years. Her proven skills and un-matchable creativity that helped FNP group to become India’s largest retail floral chain.

The Motivation that Led the Foundation of this Startup: The key reasons which led the inception of India’s best premium gifting website can be explained as, Mrs. Meeta Gutgutia, the founder of GiftsbyMeeta has served the Ferns and Petals group, India’s largest floral retail chains, as a creative director. Ferns and Petals group primarily deals in fresh flowers and plants which are widely utilized by the general people for their gifting needs on a couple of occasions. When you plan to buy a gift, the flowers and plants or chocolates and cakes are not something that you genuinely feel satisfied with. Here the idea strikes in mind that there must a place that solely deals with the gifts, there must be the one window answer for the buyers’ complete gifting requirements irrespective of the occasion, location. For instance, the Valentine Day gifts must be different from that for an anniversary or birthday occasion.

Furthermore, Mrs. Meeta Gutgutia is very creative by nature, she often spends hours and hours making artworks, brainstorming a gift combo, the presentation and so on and it’s been several years so now she wanted to simply give the people more elegant gifting alternatives and thusly, GiftsbyMeeta came into existence, that blessed time was November 2013.

The Journey Was Not So Smooth (In founder’s words) “The greatest detour was little information of technology and e-commerce was a foreign term, the PC was a way to experience Pinterest, Netflix or Facebook. Internet business with completely low specialized learning or training was a bad dream. Originating from a head direct at Ferns and Petals where everything was only a yell out, backpedaling to nuts and bolts of holding a camera to an item portrayal and measurement turned into my entire day errand. The dread of being seen and judged from my work by the online business industry mammoths gave me nerves. Once a firm chooses to run online with whatever is it that is being offered, it generally begins as a hazard as far as the acknowledgment by the objective market with every one of the judgments that get related”.

The Founders: Mrs. Meeta Gutgutia has studied fashion designing in New Delhi and her ancestral place is Bihar but from her college days in New Delhi, she has been living in this capital city.  She has more than of 15 years of experience as florist and gifting expert. In addition, she has proven her expertise also as an event stylist and she has also served the Ferns and Petals group as a director and currently, she is leading the team at GiftsbyMeeta.

The Idea Behind: If look you at the players currently in the market, you will realize that every shop that deals in flowers or plants, they call themselves a gifting store and same goes for those of the players dealing in soft toys or chocolates, or cakes and so on. And these sellers just add a couple of other gifting things such as teddies, chocolates, some personalized items, cakes and so forth on their website and then they become a gifting portal. They may have expertise in flowers or cakes or soft toys but the buyers’ gifting need is much more than the flowers and plants, cakes, chocolates, and soft toys. Similar, those have expertise in personalized things or soft toys or cakes or gourmets they start calling themselves as a gifting portal. The trend actually is, each has expertise in some products, not in gifting, they are trying to increase the quality and quantity of a particular product in their stock not the gifts, and they are more focused towards a particular selling product not concerned about the gifting. Gifting is much more than the selling flowers, cakes, teddies or chocolates, it’s all about the reflecting the emotions of sender and receiver, their presentation, the packaging with wow effects, the delivery, the sensible combo, ensuring the relevancy of a gift for a particular occasion, recipient’s taste, and so forth like things are complete ignored. And GiftsbyMeeta was just started to move away from these things.

The Pain Points the GiftsbyMeeta Solves: Buyers happen to settle with what is accessible at their fingertips in light of the fact that their choices are constrained. Bargaining is quite a bit of an issue without anyone else. Thus, an issue of not finding the finest of blessing things, getting the most occasion specific gifts, premium and sensible gifting arrangements has been completely simplified by GiftsbyMeeta. The geo distance ought to positively not come in the way when they have all the will and want with wide and robust delivery network, GiftsbyMeeta is conveying the timely gifting arrangements, you can find the theme and concept based gifting arrangements from this website.

A Successful Example of Bootstrapped Model: During the initial days GiftsbyMeeta was funded by the parent company, Ferns and Petals group from last two years GiftsbyMeeta is now a bootstrapped financed company.

A Lot Different: Being in the business of events planning, floral decoration, luxury flowers, plants, GiftsbyMeeta understands the need and feelings associated with special day or occasion when you wish to buy gifts. And along these lines, GiftsbyMeeta is the best premium gifting website, a great place for buying nature-inspired gifts, the world’s best packaging, engraved and personalized gifts, a lot of sensible combo hampers and so forth are the uniqueness of this company.

The Productive and Innovative Team: – The effectiveness and productiveness of the team at a company are very crucial for any firm. Additionally, besides these things, the creativity in design, the exclusive innovation and dealing with the customer with love and care and so forth are the major characteristics of the team members at GiftsbyMeeta. There is a great collaboration of extremely smart technocrats and tech experts in the team of tech-support at this firm. The unrivaled innovative skills of the products designing team, the productive logistic team, dedicated customers support team, and the meticulous research and development team have made GiftsbyMeeta a pioneering gifting brand in India and outside.

There are 30 members on the regular basis and around 5 to 7 people on the contract basis as well as some freelancers.

The Way This Startup is Making Money: With India’s developing financial muscles, anything that has a place with the extravagance class has an incredible breadth and solid business practicality in the Indian market. For example, the extravagance autos, wellness mind, resorts, cordiality, air travel, premium gifting et cetera are the things, going to pick up an extraordinary piece of the pie in the coming time and will be growing at the exponential rate. So there is a colossal degree in the gifting section in India. Also, GiftsbyMeeta is arranging, planning, redoing and offering the premium gifts online; this is precisely how we generate revenue. We sell online gifts, on some marketplaces, with some affiliates. We do have some regular clients and they are served by flowers and cakes on regular basis, and they are the top sources we do generate revenue from.

Major Clients who Love This Startup: GiftsbyMeeta is a great place for retail customers and there is a great chunk of orders from the south Indian customers and by the customers from Delhi NCR. Furthermore, GiftsbyMeeta is a very adored place for the Indian Diaspora in Dubai, UK, USA, and other places. Apart from this, GiftsbyMeeta also deals in corporate gifts and there are some top corporate clients such as Religare, Welspun, eBay, HP, ITC Hotels, Motilal Oswal, Vivanta and many more.

They Trust Their Vision and Mission: Endowments pass on affection, care, and emotions! GiftsbyMeeta is resolved to make gifting a pleasurable affair for the people across the world. Our conviction is that each present is a signal and not an item. In this manner, GiftsbyMeeta doesn’t just convey items, conveys feelings. Keeping in mind the end goal to stay away from any misguidance, we stringently stick to realities like measurements, quality and amount. On occasion, minor varieties as far as bundling and nearness may happen, in light of the fact that each of our gifts is conceptualized at our boutique with most extreme care by various specialists.

Heading towards a Bright Future: Today: The organization is now successfully able to secure more than 300 orders on daily basis through various channels including the website that values worth of Rs 100 thousand per day and amid the festive seasons, the flow of orders jumps ten to fifteen times more. Besides, with more than 0.5 million of subscribers on the site, GiftsbyMeeta has 100k active customers on its site. Moreover, it has more than 10000 products listed on the website and hundreds of categories that cater the gifting need of the customers during an event, festivity around them.

Tomorrow: Recently, GiftsbyMeeta has come out with the plan of complete overhauling of the company and in next two years, the company is eyeing to double its revenue. The company just upgraded the technology and a lot of development at product presentation, packaging, delivery will be visible in near future. The company is also targeting the customers from tier 2 cities, sourcing products from a number of different vendors, services to new international destinations and a lot more.

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