Dark Side Of Entrepreneurship

When I was a child, I never knew that I would become an entrepreneur. In fact, I did not even know the meaning of the word until I started my graduation and yes, I remembered the spelling of this big word after several takes. I was only a normal girl having small dreams. When my college was about to finish, I was also in the race of getting a job. I was studying hard to get my CGPA over certain point so as to get maximum interview calls. Also, I was studying several motivational books that could prepare me for interviews. But, I knew somewhere in the back of my mind that this was not me and after rigorous introspection, I chose not to live like this.

After going through all the hassles and winning a well-paid job, my heart overcame my mind and I left the job to pursue something I was really passionate about. I was determined that I will work hard and be successful. I was ready to take the risk of my career. I started my journey all alone and was very excited to work in the field I was really interested. Something was motivating me day and night that I am working for the cause I am passionate for, and I will make a change in the society slowly and steadily and make it a better place to live.

This is the end of most of the entrepreneurial stories we hear, what we not read is the story after the end. This is probably the first risk entrepreneurs take. They follow their heart to do something that they are crazy for but what happens after this?

Sriram Subramanya, founder of Integra had to sell his wife’s jewelry to fund the growth of his company. Dilafroze Qazi, who set up SSM College of Engineering in Kashmir was attacked by militants and her brother and husband were also kidnapped. Muruganantham, the founder of Jayashree Industries, faced severe criticism from his family and community for acting like a mad man. These are only three stories from the world of entrepreneurship; many stories are still hidden from our eyes. Hardships of entrepreneurship actually begin when you think you have combated the biggest hurdle of life.

Rashmi Bansal in one of her blog says that do not get distracted by comforts and easy money and start-up life is full of ups and downs- you have to learn to love challenges. Every step is a new challenge. When you begin, everything looks dreamy but as you proceed you get to know the real face of entrepreneurship. Once you manage to get an office, you might have to broom your office several days; you might be fighting with power cuts. Probably, you will be thinking about how to manage desks in minimum spend or how to retain your employees while managing tight funds. From my experience of starting CareerGuide.com, I can claim that if you become an entrepreneur, you don’t become the boss but actually become a servant to many- your employees, your investors, your customers, and all those who have expectations from you.

Do not just get blinded by your interests and passions, think of the real business hurdles before starting your venture. I would not tell anybody to not follow their passions, one should, in fact, fight for them till they make it but definitely, a plan needs to made upfront. Make yourself prepared to face unexpected troubles and several criticisms that might affect your motivational level. Along with the above hurdles, there will be others like legal issues, regulatory issues, competitors, dependency on others for decisions, and of course corruption, which only the founder will have to handle. Make yourself prepared and brave before leaping into the world of entrepreneurship. Take responsibility for what you do and what changes you intend to bring in the society. Believe in yourself and also, don’t stop trusting others.

The journey although not easy but is an achievable one. All the entrepreneurs learn after jumping into the field, and if you can prepare yourself right before jumping, then no power can take success away from you. As the journey to entrepreneurship follows, challenges keep teaching the entrepreneur various lessons. Someone rightly said- An entrepreneur tends to bite off a little more than he can chew hoping he will quickly learn how to chew it!

This is a guest post by Ms Surabhi Dewra, founder of CareerGuide.com

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