Throughout one’s life, the Curriculum Vitae is one of the most important documents you will ever write. CV creation is often seen as something of a important albeit time-consuming and puzzling process, with many job searchers frustrated or confused over how to arrange the content and layout of this A4 piece of paper. Luckily, there are now companies whose main aim is to help individuals develop and design their CV, taking a fraction of the time and at a reasonable price point.

Hashtagcv, the newly-launched CV builder and editor, has made assembling a professional-looking CV or resume straight-forward and simple. The site boasts an impressive selection of job-specific phrases and templates, all of which can be edited and altered with the aim of making the creation process fun for the user. The premise could not be simpler, but a considerable amount of depth is being delivered through the CV designer, offering varied customisation options to tailor to each occupation.

The CV builder market on the internet is seemingly made up of 2 considerably different types of creator right now: there are totally free sites and services, which can help you make a CV but whose offered customisation options are often limited, with just a few basic templates to choose from and little in the way of customisation features. And then there is the second type; paid services, which offer much more in the way of customisation and design options but come at a cost… a high price point, meaning the entry-level job seeker cannot afford a professional-looking CV or resume. Hashtag CV, however, is aiming to provide high-end service and a wide array of design templates and creation variables, as well as the additional ready-made work-specific word phrases to choose from, for a comparatively low price point and with easy communication channels available to those who can help you write your CV personally.

As mentioned, the site’s main draw is its simplicity and ease-of-use, whilst providing a number of customisation options for your CV. In addition to the 10,000+ odd phrases and countless template options, the site includes sections on interview tips, how to write a covering letter, a job search engine and, amongst other things, a live chat function, allowing for immediate feedback to any job-related queries that you may have. Additionally, the site boasts a CV review service used to examine existing customer CVs, with advice being offered over where certain changes can be implemented to create a more concise, professional CV.

Chris Butler, CEO and founder of the company states:

“Writing and developing a CV is something every working person has to do at some point in their lives, it’s essential in fact. What we have tried to do here at Hashtag CV is make that process as simple and stress-free as possible, with a great number of customization options available for customers to choose from, which is unrivalled on any other CV creation sites on the market. For an excellent price, we will enable you to find your dream job with ease.”

Currently being developed for the site is a Job Search Aggregator, a feature which will make the laborious process of scrolling through individual job search site listings a thing of the past; the amalgamation of different site listings available in one location will allow the user to view ALL available jobs from a number of sites at once. This function will hopefully change the way people look through vacancies online for the better, saving a great amount of time which would otherwise be wasted scanning hundreds of pages to apply to just one job.

Right now this startup is offering CV creation for free, with several tiers of price plan available (but not compulsory) for varying levels of customization and guidance, so if you want to make your CV better and brighter than ever before, visit the site, choose from an impressive selection of word phrases & design templates to gain an professional edge over your competitors and watch the job offers role in.

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