Healthenablr Funding

Healthenablr, a recent player in the healthcare technology and services sector, recently closed their seed round of funding at approximately USD $ 800,000 (Rs. 5.5 Cr.). The round of investment was raised by a mixed group of professionals, including some very significant names from Silicon Valley and Hong Kong.

The company plans on channelling this investment to further develop their patented EMR technology and consolidate sales efforts. Avishek Mukherjee, CTO and co-founder said, “This funding has timed perfectly with a new release of our patented EMR software that not only allows doctors to generate online invoices and prescriptions, but also enables them to keep track of their patient vitals, medications, follow up appointments etc. At healthenablr, our goal is not just to provide doctors with a way to digitalize their practice, but to provide them with the best, most cutting edge technology, making it easier for them to manage their practice online.”

With regards to future investments, Healthenablr CEO and Co-founder, Bamasish Paul, said, We will look at raising our next round of funding mid this year, with the aim of expanding the business to over 8 more cities. Our most recent product release has brought made our product extremely competitive when it comes to quality. All our efforts are now concentrated on scaling up and better ingour sales and delivery vertical as well as enhancing the technology behind the product, so you can expect exciting developments on the technological front in the near future”.

Currently operating in Mumbai and Kolkata, the company plans to expand their services to 8 cities, with a network of over 50,000 verified doctors by the end of 2016. While Healthenablr currently offers products and services through its mobile and web application, it has plans to expand into a healthcare marketplace, enabling patients to choose and buy healthcare package from Healthenablr as well as its growing network of affiliate partners. Other plans in the pipeline include tie-ups with hospitals and healthcare chains, remote patient management solutions and wearable healthcare and medical device integration.

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