Alternative Medicine has been around since ancient times.  One commonly used medicine is dietary supplements. Dietary supplements boost nutrients and help fight diseases such as heart disease, infection, and osteoporosis. Critics say that alternative medicine is “unproven” but statistically it has a higher success rate and it works long term. In actuality, alternative medicine is the right choice; conventional medicine just doesn’t cut it.

Today while most healthcare and health tech platforms are focused on connecting doctors, patients, and diagnostic centers, HealthSocho, an alternate medicine portal, takes a completely different route.

HealthSocho was founded in September this year by Saurabh, Satija, Anshul Sikri & Nikunj Tyagi. Anshul & Nikunj both carry rich pharma domain knowledge through their ventures ABS mercantile and Pharma Force lab respectively, whereas Saurabh on the other hand, always wanted to build something which would help customers to solve real life problems.

Anshul – Nikunj – Saurabh

Saurabh is the CEO and have a rich experience of 9 + years of experience with stints in various industries like Godfrey Phillips, UB and more recently, Myntra, Flipkart’s Fashion portal. As the Chief Business Officer, Anshul looks after the finance and other regulatory aspects of the startup. Nikunj plays the role of both CTO and COO in the company and brings 9 years of experience through his stints at Quark Media & Olam International into the table.

The founders realized that most healthcare companies are focused on solving only one or two issues in the segment like doctor discover, pharmacy, and medical health records and others were online consultations. They realized that there needed to be a more accessible way to bring the Homeopathic, Ayurvedic and Unani medicines and doctors to all consumers. HealthSocho is giving information about more effective alternatives which are sidelined to the mainstream, and let people have options.

The startup is dedicated towards equipping its users with relevant information around the various alternative medicine fields and thus guide in the discovery of preventive cure. It aims to provide every alternative medicine products & service under one roof.

HealthSocho have recently tied with Sri Sri Ayurveda and our other notable clients being Organic India, GNC, HealthAid, ON, Ayurwin and Neev to bring the best alternate medicines to the masses.

The alternate medicine market

According to a study the Indian alternative medicine industry is an INR 2800 Cr. market. Adding to this point a report by Ken Research states that in 2008–2013, the market registered a CAGR of 19.5 per cent.

The reports also suggested that Asia has the largest market for alternative medicines and therapies, mainly due to technological advancement of drug development and rise in adoption of natural and alterative medicines and therapies.

HealthSocho currently have more 2500 products represented through 50+ brands on the portal. In the short term, the intent is activating marketing initiatives and onboard new partners who wish to sell on the platform and reach 10,000 products in the next 2 months.

“We aim to be the largest discovery and recommendation platform in the alternate medicine space,” says Saurabh.

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