The one daunting thought that final year students’ fret about, apart from the pressure of preparing for their final set of exams, is the inevitable hunt for a job. Joyful graduation ceremonies are then followed by laborious sessions of scouring the internet and classified ads hoping that something worthwhile would pop up and end this process. However, today’s job market is dominated by the fierce combination of experience and luck. This is where the concept of placements and internships begin to make sense.

“An internship is not only a nice addition to your resume; it is also a ticket to a successful career.”

While there might be plenty of options to choose from, the same cannot be said for the opportunities one gets. Selecting a company, a field and an internship that is the best possible choice for a student as per their qualifications and preferences is quite a gruelling task. Their rate of success tomorrow will also depend on the choices they make today.

This is where HelloIntern website steps in.

HelloIntern is one such portal that guides students in taking their career forward in the right direction, as internships help them identify their strengths and prepares them to face the corporate world.

The birth of this internship portal can be traced back to four college freshmen from IIT Mumbai. Down on their luck and facing a dead-end on the internship front, the lack of opportunities motivated them to initiate India’s very first internship portal – HelloIntern. Slowly yet steadily, following their launch in 2006, HelloIntern experienced tremendous growth over the past few years when it came to bridging the gap between the student and company fraternity.

Having acquired a strong presence in the local market HelloIntern made the wise decision to go global. Having realised this portal’s potential the Angaros Group acquired HelloIntern in 2012 and helped them manoeuvre their way into the global market widening their reach and opportunity.

Eight years since its inception HelloIntern has now donned the hat of The Global Intern Expert as they receive over hundreds of internship requirements every month. Letting the statistics speak for themselves, the portal has around 36,145 students and 3,697 companies registered with it today.

A significant fact HelloIntern has succeeded in realising, is that an intern can prove to be an extremely valuable asset for a company. An intern, be it a student fresh off the college boat or an individual dabbling in different fields, always enters the industry with a fresh set of ideas, striving to deliver the best and thereby increasing the productivity of the organisation.

Practice makes perfect; this saying can be most aptly applied to internships as they help students identify their strengths and interests. Apart from educating students about the ways the corporate world works in, internships also help inculcate qualities like practise, patience and perseverance.

Organizations on the lookout for fresh talent teeming with a variety of ideas need not look any further. This portal’s constant rise in the number of skilled and enthusiastic individuals seeking to prove themselves is exactly what every enterprise needs.

As for every ambitious student out there embarking on this precarious journey of discovering their perfect career, HelloIntern guarantees a diverse range of opportunities and experiences that shall help them zero in on the best option.

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