Hike 5.0 Launch

Hike Messenger is all set to bounce back and give a tough fight to its competitors with Hike 5.0 rollout.

In a recent update, Hike took an ambitious leap with brand new design and feature of mobile wallet integrated with the messaging platform.

With this Hike 5.0, it has become India’s first messaging app to launch payments.

Hike Messenger has partnered with the leading banking giant Yes Bank to start the in-app wallet. The UPI enables the users to perform hassle free transactions with his/her friends without having a need of any other application.

Hike Wallet

The ostentatious feature which comes with this update is that it works even if the other party doesn’t use hike making it more versatile.

You can now recharge and pay your postpaid bills right from inside the Hike interface. As already mentioned, this eradicates the need of having separate apps for paying bills or doing transactions.

Apart from introducing this new feature, Hike has restored the timeline feature to its original form. Users are now also allowed to share text, photos, and videos on their timeline.

Personalization has been taken utmost care of. With over 11 App themes, users can now personalize the look and feel of the application accordingly.

The hike messenger has come up with new innovative features employing the latest technology available in the tech space. One such feature that is worth mentioning here is the “Magic Selfie” feature. With the use of machine learning, it enhances your selfies by automatic smoothing of your skin in pictures.

Additionally, one significant change has been made concerning the app size, needless to say; it has been reduced from 40 MB to a mere 25 MB.

Security has been taken into consideration, and for that matter, 128-bit SSL encryption has been added to the platform making it more secure and reliable.

Kavin Bharti Mittal, Founder, and CEO, Hike Messenger said, “Hike 5.0 is the biggest update we’ve released in the history of Hike. We’ve worked closely with over 100 of our top hikers to build 5.0. It’s been built by our users for our users. With App themes, Night theme, and Magic Selfie, Hike 5.0 is packed with some incredibly personal touches that are meant to delight our users. With Hike 5.0 you can personalize your Hike world.”

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