In this extremely complex and dynamic work ecosystem of today, navigating corporate territories has become increasingly challenging for employees. Equally tiresome for employers is traversing the road to find the right talent. The present job scene is brimming with skilled and talented people. However, the never-ending process of mundane filtering and finally selecting a candidate, who, you hope, will perfectly fit the bill, is maddening. Likewise, candidates who are looking for jobs that match their skills and come with a comfortable pay scale have to browse through a pile of useless company profiles from traditional job boards that spam them incessantly.

Out of the need to bridge this gap, Instahyre was founded in 2014 by Aditya Rajgarhia, a graduate of Stanford University, who has worked with startups like San Francisco based Clustrix as well as industry bigwigs like Vmware and Yahoo. His inspiration for building a niche recruitment platform arose from poor experiences with the hiring industry at both ends – labor pains of hiring and a tiresome hunt for the perfect job.

Instahyre is a unique hiring marketplace that seamlessly connects talent to employers. Using robust machine-learning based algorithms, Instahyre provides a web-based platform where the best startups in India hire the most talented professionals. The platform has an exceptional matchmaking engine that weeds out all noise, and what’s left is the crème de la crème.

How Instahyre Works
How Instahyre Works

Riding high on their success with tech jobs in the past, Instahyre has recently expanded its purview to include jobs in Sales, Marketing, Operations and HR as well. Presently, they have 300+ companies on board including the likes of Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Uber, and MakeMyTrip.

While recruitment agencies and job boards take months to provide a suitable match between firms and candidates, Instahyre does it in a period of days. The platform only serves active candidates to employers, cutting down on some serious recruitment process time.

The platform takes pride in the transparency of the hiring process while maintaining privacy where necessary. After signing up on the platform, candidates can apply to a curated list of companies based on their preferred technologies, experience and expected salary.

Likewise, once the companies sign up, which is free of cost, it gets access to relevant candidate profiles saving a lot of time. The platform effectively filters the profiles according to company specifications, thus providing with only quality candidates. Once a firm zeroes in on a candidate, it can connect with them directly to continue with the interview process. The majority of candidates who get hired through Instahyre don’t use traditional platforms like Naukri.

With a very competitive pricing model, the startup is disrupting the economics of hiring. Additionally, the platform provides an interactive environment to hiring managers with multiple features such as team tabs where you can share a resume with the hiring team for a particular position.

With a great emphasis on user experience, the top priority for Instahyre remains the constructive feedback it receives from its wide base of employers who have filled crucial positions as well as the candidates who have found their dream jobs through Instahyre. While solving major recruitment problems, the platform simultaneously rewards candidates for referring their friends and colleagues to Instahyre. Thus, it creates a strong organic network of high quality candidates to become the one-stop full-stack recruiting solution for startup jobs.

Instahyre is aggressively expanding its operation and looking forward to resolve the issues vexing the hiring industry with its distinctive solution. Cheers to no longer waiting for your dream job! Or your perfect hire!

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