Hiring Interns
I, the founder:

I could not care less about my outfit if it wasn’t for the meeting with investors. Though I am here in the meeting explaining how we have planned to go above the break-even point in next two years and turn profitable, I am also thinking about the marketing email campaign that has been scheduled for post lunch today, new design of the landing page, launch of the new module, plans to communicate the changes to the users, and whatnot. But I am not worried; my young and dynamic team is on it.

Almost a year ago, after much ado, when I finally decided to start my own venture, I had an action plan [to make my dream happen] and some money saved up.  I started working on my idea – relentlessly, round the clock.  I worked very hard, but there always was – and even now is so too much work: making design for FB post [which always sucked], replying to users queries, meeting the prospective clients, following up with start-ups magazines to get covered, and it went on, endlessly.

I am called intern:

Ever since the start up ecosystem has taken up a pace in India, people have taken a note of me. Oh, I love it! It solved the dilemma I have been in since perpetuality – how on the earth I am going to get a work experience to become eligible for my first job?

Startup Internship

If you’re wondering why all of a sudden I have become the darling of start-ups:

I don’t need a salary, stipend would do: You see start-up folks are very smart [and resourceful]; they say, “Let us help you get you some work experience.” And it doesn’t end there; they even pay a stipend, just a fancy name for small salary.

I help you validate your idea: No professional would agree to come onboard to help you do a pilot of your idea. If they do, it’s less likely that you could afford them. But I find such opportunities exciting, so I am the person you need to resort to.

I am available round the year: And in different styles. You don’t have an office space yet? Cool, I can work virtually.

Even though I attend a premium college, I only feel excited to intern with you: You might not afford to come for a campus placement (esp. so after recent default cases). But hey! I always find it cool to work with a start up, so you can build an A-team – all interns (read managers/developers/strategists/analysts/so on) from IITs.

My internship will end: If I don’t fit the bill, you won’t have to go through the (psychologically) painful job of firing me. My internship will end – I will go out with no hard feelings 😉

If I like the idea, I might stick around: I am brave, non-conformist; I might be willing to take the risk of starting my career with a start up.

You don’t really need to visit the campus: There is a great scarcity of internships, so just put up your internship on an online platform and I will find you.

In short, I help start-ups solve the hassle of sourcing talent and build their team in the most economic way.

I, the founder:

I was talking about an endless task-list, which would only grow with time. Task-list was not the bigger concern for me but finding the right people whom I could entrust the list.

Here is a lesson that I have learnt from building my start-up the right team who will help me build my start-up: team building the hardest and the most expensive task that any founder will undergo.

This article is written by Shadab Alam, Head – Corporate Relations, Internshala

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