In today’s digital world having an online identity has become very crucial for every business. Web hosting is what makes it possible for them to have a website and allow their customers to access it on the internet. As it goes in the web hosting industry, don’t think that anything that is cheaper is better. Good uptime, fast support, enhanced security & affordable price is what is required for getting your business online easily and securely – That’s what the folks at HostBigSpace are upto.

“At HostBigSpace we are dedicated to bringing you the best web hosting solutions at the most nominal prices.”


HostBigSpace is a web hosting company that started as a small private venture and has done exceedingly well over the years to become a choice of many high valued businesses all over the globe. With over 500+ Clients and hosting over 10,000+ websites in just four years, HostBigSpace has set off to an excellent start for a startup.

Sohail Ahmed founded HostBigSpace in 2014 at a young age of 18 just before he decided to take up Computer Science as his UG course possibly due to his sheer interest in web development and entrepreneurship.

Sohail – Founder, HostBigSpace

“Initially, it was hard to pick up and learn a completely new environment and technical stuff, but my hard work and keen interest helped me to take my business to great success,” says Sohail.

Among the hosting services offered by HostBigSpace, the most used is the “Reseller Hosting” and its variations. “We give an opportunity where anyone can just start their own Web Hosting Business without any much of technical knowledge at a small monthly fee,” adds Sohail.

HostBigSpace also offers servers on rental basis in their 3-Tier tie-up data centre located in the USA. Apart from servers, for the customers who don’t want the expense of a full dedicated server, they also offer Virtual Private Servers(VPS) in various locations of India, Europe and the USA.

Talking about their customer support, Sohail says “The majority of the customers who come to us from other hosting companies tell us about the lack of adequate support offered by their old host. We’re very proud of our support department. Unlike many we don’t advertise and make promises about what we can’t sell, with us you will always know what exactly are you paying for and what you are going to get in return, without any kind of fake promises.”

In a market of thousands of hosting companies, Sohail says “Everyone has their list of requirements from a hosting company like guaranteed uptime, high speed, more reliability, and great customer support, We simply try and make sure we can offer everything someone needs at a less cost than the others. Once our clients discover us, they don’t find a reason to leave. “

Recently, HostBigSpace also launched its new venture into market called ZebChat, a Live Chat Software for websites, where companies can place a live chat widget on their website and chat with their customers on the go. The same has also got an iOS and Android app for the convenience of its customers.

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