I (Komal Hora) am the Founder and CEO of HotelCart.in; a one stop solution for Hotel Industry. Within a month after joining my dad’s (Balbir Hora) Hotel Business and strategizing the day-to-day hurdles, I realized the need of a one-stop solution for hotel/hospitality Industry and a focused market place. Its then I decided to expand the legacy in the era of digital India by taking my dad’s 25 years of experience in hotel industry to another level. Having the entrepreneurial spirit after pursuing Masters In International Business from Hult International Business School, San Francisco, I knew how to structure business canvas at the very initial phase.

Komal Hora
Komal Hora

There were hurdles in every step, but having the working experience of Silicon-valley helped me solve some and being a software engineer helped me understand the technicalities for the implementation of the idea.

The idea seeded in the month of August and we are live by September and working by the month of November. I believe the saying of Mark Zuckerberg – “Move fast and break things. Unless you are breaking stuff, you are not moving fast enough.”

All thanks to the digitalization, where we managed without an office space, skype, gotomeeting, freelancers were always at our rescue. My dad, being from the hotel industry gave us the real insights of the industry while a few freelancers and bunch of developers who helped us get everything on board.

In the meanwhile Nikita Hora, our Business Executive also came up with the idea of adding the feature called ‘HotelTalks’ where we cover all news, blogs, interviews and events and awards related to hospitality industry.

At this point, it’s just the start but looking at the growth of the Indian Hospitality Market, I am sure with iterations we will be able to attain our vision very soon.

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