A business can deliver optimal customer experience (CX) if it remembers and treats them with attention, consideration and respect throughout their unique journeys. That’s the reason giving customer experience (CX) today has become a competitive driver of growth.

Although Location Based Services (LBS) have been around for the past couple of years, WiFi-based LBS is in its nascent stage of adoption! Enterprises being unsure about consumer response, has been the main reason for its slow entry to the markets.

Location Based Services (LBS) are today being increasingly used to optimize in providing customer experience. Whether one wants to let others track their movements, find or get to someplace; apps that feature location-based services are useful. Using these services, one can simply even know their current location and what is around them!

As a customer-centric mobility solution, LBS is showing promise in adopting verticals like retail, hospitality, and large public venues. It’s enabling businesses to understand their customer base through analytics as well as offer targeted, context-based communications including promotions and remote assistance. Let us discuss below how Location Based Data Services (LBS) can enhance customer experience (CX).

  • A Better Way to Reaching Customers

Location-based insights offer a better understanding of customers’ wants and needs. It keeps a business well-informed about their product and service development, in identifying new ways of engaging customers, or providing greater visibility to customers throughout the fulfilment cycle. All this can go a long way in enhancing customer value.

Developing better ways of reaching customers, improving brand reputation, and increasing overall efficiency can be achieved using location intelligence. It gives a business the competitive edge that they are looking for in this digital age.

Today, most retailers and ecommerce businesses; especially when it comes to improving their marketing and communications with their customers; are increasingly implementing the benefits of Location Intelligence. And, it’s been experienced that the improved customer experience is improving the bottom line benefit and boosting revenues.

  • Enhances Accuracy to Customers

Increases ROI. Consumers’ today look to accomplish more in less time! A positive delivery experience or a delivery in shorter time span can induce more consumers to re-shop with an online merchant following. Keeping that in mind; buying online, store pick-up intimation, or home delivery are essential services that any business needs to offer in order to survive in a fast-paced world.

The information that any business displays on their website or mobile app with respect to the availability of the product, or its delivery; need to be consistent and accurate. And this accuracy requires greater visibility into the supply chain – it ranges from the manufacturer to the store and whatever lies in between. All this requires a level of real-time location knowledge. This real-time information could be about where the customers are, where they are going, and the route they are taking, etc. etc. That’s where LBS comes into play – Location intelligence, when combined with the vast amounts of operational and customer data, is able to deliver greater efficiencies and levels of customer experience.

As seen above, using LBS, a company can send offers to people who are in the vicinity of their store or business. All this allows a company to easily analyze the response and effectiveness of one’s campaign. Indirectly, it helps to optimize the marketing efforts which helps to give a better Return on Investment (RoI).

  • Induces Personalization:

Offering great accurate pick-up or delivery option is a part of the customer journey, it’s not enough. It’s personalization and timely advertising that matters. That’s required, and a must for businesses to be connected with customers. The latest location data-driven technologies can tell brands if and when consumers go into a store, or what stores they go into, etc. By obtaining speedy, accurate, and robust location intelligence; any business can offer more to their customers which can enable them to drive those customers who are nearby those stores or restaurants, actually into it. And that’s where the Location Based Service help – its advanced insights can help to drive more strategic marketing campaigns.

  • Location Based Data Services

The Growth Driver Going Forward. Today’s customers are online all the time. And so, giving a customer experience becomes all the more important when it concerns an in-store or in-mall promotion for a business. By deploying the latest indoor location technologies and location-powered applications can help a business to understand more about the shopping habits, and preferred stores or brands of individual consumers. Knowing who one’s customers are, and knowing what they want; and knowing when, where and how to deliver it;  is what what Location Based Data Services and Location Intelligence hold promise for any business in 2019 and even beyond it.

Improving security and efficiency of movable assets in airside and landside services is an area of utmost interest to airline and airport operators. That’s where location-based sensor (LBS) networks, beacons, and geo-location services come to the fore! With information made available on mobile devices, such services help to automate and optimize wheelchair assistance services that eliminate waiting time for passengers and advise wheelchair agents about which gate to go to and where the guests have to be transferred.

  • Leveraging the LBS Provided by My Loc

One usually shares location of their home, office or a favourite place via text messaging or just by describing it verbally! My Loc is an innovative tool that lets one to create “customized location names” which are called PINS.

My Loc is absolutely FREE for entire life!  And, creating a My Loc PIN is very easy. Even further, one has the complete freedom to choose the location name of their choice!

A My Loc PIN could be one’s home address or their office address or their favourite place or any destination which they would like to custom name & share it with someone, for example to the pizza delivery boy, or as an address identity for school going kids, or in one’s e-mail signature.  Apart from this, there are umpteen scenarios where one can use the My Loc PINs to further a business.

Now, go ahead, create the location that you want to convey to your customers, friends, relatives, and colleagues, or even to the online shopping delivery personnel. It’s so easy to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, etc. Just copy and paste, or even “say” it.

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