If at first you do not succeed then try, try and try again is a saying used in sports. It can be applied to almost in everything we do. Yet, how many times should you try before stopping? Is there a number that most people will try before stopping altogether? What is your number of tries or do you have a number? For some, that number is much higher than you would think.

The business world is full of apparently instant successes. People put together a website, or create an app, or discover the next big thing and magically the next day thousands of users are buying. That might happen for a small percentage of people. It is most likely that you will not be in that small percentage. The question arises, how many times should you try before it becomes a waste of time and effort.

This infographic shows the number of tries a person did before becoming successful. James Dyson built 5126 prototypes vacuum cleaner before success. Thomas A. Edison tried 10,000 times to build a light bulb that could work. Imagine how you would feel if you are on try number 100 with no end in sight in creating the next big thing. The lesson is not the number of tries but to keep on trying to find your success.

How Many Times Should You Try?

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