While there are many examples of excellent software that can help employers manage their team schedules and shifts in the cloud, very few give them a more all-encompassing solution for business management. The Humanity workforce management software aims to provide just that.

Outside of scheduling features, Humanity can do a lot more for your business. Humanity is a very ambitious, web-based platform that looks to provide a more comprehensive solution. Here’s a quick look at the diverse feature-set that Humanity offers:

Humanity Workforce Management Software


The Dashboard is the main hub of the Humanity account. As an employer, this is where you can easily organize your staff and monitor your business. The Dashboard is also easily and completely customizable. There are a vast number of options for how you want to organize and view your business data.

Another great example of Humanity’s customizability is the fact that you can add or remove any of the other features from your account. So if you feel that you don’t need the TimeClock or Leave modules, for example, you can leave them out. You can also add third-party apps you may need to your Humanity account very easily.

The Dashboard is a complete company command center that even lets you view critical metrics related to your company and your employees.


This is the part of your Humanity account where you manage your team. You can set up a company hierarchy according to locations and positions, or create custom fields to fit the individual needs of your organizational framework.

When setting up your team, you can either do it manually or import MS Excel or CSV lists, if you already have them, to speed up the process. Whatever method you choose, it takes literally just a few minutes to perfectly organize your company structure so that you are able to delegate tasks and responsibilities more easily.


If you need an intuitive interface to manage and present all company functions, the Calendar feature is a perfect solution. It’s a beautifully designed calendar where you can announce all company events and meetings and keep your whole team in the know.

Once again, you have the option of importing data from sloppy spreadsheets into this easy-to-understand, aggregated interface. You can even decide whether you want to share certain events with specific groups of team members or your entire staff.

Best of all, you can export your calendar into the third-party application of your choice and take it with you on the road.


If your team is still using time cards and stamps, this is the perfect tool for streamlining your timesheet process and finally taking it to the cloud. Without having to use any bulky stand-alone applications, your team can clock in and out of shifts online, giving you an instant view of their attendance stats.

Through Humanity’s mobile app, your remote team members will be able to clock in and out from anywhere. Powerful GPS technology allows you to see exactly where they are working from as well. Employers and managers can also set up terminals that determine from where their employees can report in and out of work.

All of this helps to encourage punctuality, decrease instances of tardiness, and generally improve company attendance habits.


Humanity’s Schedule feature is as robust, if not more powerful, than the scheduling software some companies offer as a stand-alone application. Integrated into the Humanity experience, you receive a scheduling tool that makes planning and delegating shifts easier than ever.

By allowing employees to trade shifts among themselves, Humanity helps to significantly decrease the scheduling workload of employers. The drag-and-drop shift management and auto-scheduling options also significantly decrease the amount of time managers spend on planning everyone’s work hours.

And if you happen to make a mistake and book two employees to work the same shift, leaving another shift empty, Humanity immediately detects such issues and reports them to you. This means that your you’ll never have to worry about shift conflicts or being understaffed again.


By allowing employees to request time off on their own, Humanity lets you not only give your staff an level of autonomy they will appreciate, it saves you time as well. All leave requests are delivered to you; all you have to do is sign off on them.

You can also set predetermined rules for when staff can take time off, allowing the entire process to practically run on autopilot. Add all holidays to your calendar to let the entire company know what days they don’t have to report to work on.

This type of leave management approach also provides transparency on a company-wide level, so that no one will ever be confused about who is working and who isn’t.

The best thing about Humanity is that is an ever-evolving platform with many more business management features already in the pipeline, striving to provide employers with one, central tool for managing their employees’ entire lifecycle; “from hire to retire.”

If this sounds like the business management solution you have been looking for, you can try Humanity out for a free 30-day trial period, with technical support staff standing by around the clock to help you setup your account and get familiar with the software.

You can also download Humanity for your smart phones on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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